Google Maps' Ben Nevis route 'potentially fatal'

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Google has been criticised for suggesting routes up Ben Nevis and different Munros which are "potentially fatal" and nonstop radical disconnected a cliff.

Scottish mountaineering charities person urged hill-walkers not to usage Google Maps to usher them up the mountains.

They said determination person been a fig of caller incidents involving routes downloaded disconnected the net which person resulted successful "injury oregon worse".

Google told BBC Scotland it was investigating the issue.

Earlier the John Muir Trust, which looks aft the acme of Ben Nevis, said it has attempted to rise the contented with the net elephantine but its approaches person been "met with silence".

Inexperienced walkers

The charities said definite searches for the way up Ben Nevis connected Google Maps nonstop radical to the car parkland nearest the acme arsenic the crow flies.

However they picture the way from that constituent arsenic "highly dangerous, adjacent for experienced climbers".

Nathan Berrie, the trust's Nevis conservation officer, said they often travel crossed groups of inexperienced walkers heading towards Steall Falls oregon up the southbound slopes of Ben Nevis.

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image captionOne way connected An Teallach led walkers to a cliff and different connected Ben Nevis took the idiosyncratic done rocky, pathless terrain

Heather Morning, Mountaineering Scotland's upland information adviser, said: "For those caller to elevation walking, it would look perfectly logical to cheque retired Google Maps for accusation connected however to get to your chosen mountain.

"But erstwhile you input Ben Nevis and click connected the 'car' icon, up pops a representation of your route, taking you to the car parkland astatine the caput of Glen Nevis, followed by a dotted enactment appearing to amusement a way to the summit."

She added: "Even the astir experienced mountaineer would person trouble pursuing this route.

"The enactment goes done precise steep, rocky, and pathless terrain wherever adjacent successful bully visibility it would beryllium challenging to find a harmless line.

"Add successful debased unreality and rainfall and the suggested Google enactment is perchance fatal."

'Internet routes resulted successful injury'

Other fashionable Munros person besides fallen foul of the app.

The foundation said for An Teallach successful the north-west, a "walking" way suggested by hunt motor would instrumentality radical implicit a cliff.

Ms Morning said: "It's each excessively casual to presume that accusation connected the net is each bully stuff, correct, up to day and safe.

"Sadly, acquisition shows this is not the lawsuit and determination person been a fig of incidents precocious wherever pursuing routes downloaded disconnected the net person resulted successful wounded oregon worse."

She added: "Walkers and climbers with adjacent a small acquisition volition cognize to work accusation from a map, whether integer oregon paper, and if they are looking for downloadable routes cognize to usage reputable sources and cheque respective sources to guarantee the accusation they are accessing is the close way for their level of acquisition and ability."

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image captionThe Google maps app takes the astir nonstop route, which tin besides beryllium unsafe terrain

Mountaineering Scotland and John Muir Trust recommended climbers cross-check accusation connected a representation oregon consult a section guide.

A spokesperson for Google said: "We built Google Maps with information and reliability successful mind, and are moving rapidly to analyse the routing contented connected Ben Nevis.

"In summation to utilizing authoritative information and precocious explanation imagery to update the map, we promote section organisations to supply geographic accusation astir roads and routes done our Geo Data Upload tool."

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