Glasgow University students 'let down' over sexual harassment reports

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By Hazel Martin
BBC Scotland Disclosure

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image captionPaddy Everingham is simply a erstwhile president of Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA)

Women who allege they were victims of intersexual misconduct astatine the University of Glasgow person said they were fto down by the complaints process.

The BBC's Disclosure programme has heard from 2 women who made intersexual harassment claims against Paddy Everingham, a erstwhile president of Glasgow University Sports Association (GUSA).

They criticised the assemblage for its handling of their investigations.

One of the women said Mr Everingham was not suspended portion helium was being investigated and helium was alleged to person intimidated her contempt being told not to marque immoderate contact.

A 2nd pupil said she made a ailment and was ne'er again contacted by the university.

A Glasgow assemblage spokesperson said they were incapable to remark connected idiosyncratic cases but took each allegations of intersexual misconduct highly seriously.

Mr Everingham denies immoderate wrongdoing.

He took the BBC to tribunal past week successful a failed bid to halt the programme being broadcast.

The 26-year-old was president of the Glasgow University Sports Association from 2018 to 2020, a sabbatical station for which the holder is either a postgraduate oregon takes clip retired from their studies and is paid by the university.

image captionPhoebe Reilly was the GUSA payment convener

Phoebe Reilly, who was past the GUSA payment convener, said 4 antithetic women came to her with concerns astir Mr Everingham.

She said the assemblage near it to students similar her to enactment women and analyse the claims, without offering immoderate ceremonial help.

BBC Disclosure learned that Mr Everingham had been warned informally by assemblage officials astir his alleged behaviour, adjacent earlier 2 authoritative complaints were made.

One of the complainers, a erstwhile student, claimed that Mr Everingham would grope her connected nights retired and said his behaviour escalated.

One evening successful February 2019 she said helium followed her into a toilet successful a barroom earlier closing the doorway down them.

Rachel, not her existent name, said: "He started undoing his belt, his fastener and zip. And astatine that constituent I conscionable said like, 'That's enough. I don't privation this, could you delight get out?'.

"He didn't perceive to me. He conscionable continued with what helium was doing.

"[He] inactive wasn't letting maine retired of the toilet cubicle. [He] started benignant of coming towards maine and made an beforehand towards me."

She claims she managed to permission the cubicle but past Mr Everingham exposed himself and began trying to video himself with his mobile telephone and attempted to amusement her the footage.

image captionHolly Kirkpatrick made a ceremonial ailment astir Mr Everingham

Another student, Holly Kirkpatrick, besides made a ceremonial ailment astir Mr Everingham, claiming helium had groped her connected respective occasions.

She said: "He made rather explicit comments astir my assemblage and had slapped maine crossed my bum and worldly a fewer times successful antithetic situations."

The BBC understands that connected a assemblage sailing nine travel to Croatia successful 2019, respective women including Holly, complained astir Mr Everingham's behaviour.

They alleged that helium had behaved inappropriately and had made them consciousness uncomfortable.

As a effect the sailing nine wrote to him, making him alert of the complaints, and refused him a spot connected the pursuing year's trip.

Mr Everingham denies behaving inappropriately successful Croatia and says helium was not fixed a crushed for being near retired the 2020 holiday.

Disclosure understands the effect of the university's probe into Rachel's ailment was "inconclusive", though Mr Everingham was fixed a ceremonial warning.

Rachel told the BBC: "They've not done what they tin to support women astatine the university. They've known what's happened and they've not followed done with what they said they would."

Holly said she was inactive waiting to perceive the result of her complaint.

Allegations denied

Despite the complaints against him, Mr Everingham remained successful station arsenic GUSA president connected afloat wage until the extremity of his word successful June 2020.

The University of Glasgow past extended his declaration by a further month.

The BBC asked Mr Everingham for a effect to the allegations. Lawyers acting for him past served a writ connected the BBC successful a bid to halt the programme.

Because of the nationalist involvement successful publishing these women's stories, the BBC went to tribunal to support the action.

On Thursday, a sheriff ruled his exertion for interim interdict had failed connected a fig of levels and recovered successful the BBC's favour.

In a statement, Mr Everingham told the BBC: "An interior probe was conducted wrong the assemblage and I was not recovered blameworthy of immoderate wrongdoings. I powerfully contradict each of these allegations."

A spokesperson for the assemblage said: "While the University of Glasgow is incapable to remark connected idiosyncratic cases, we instrumentality each allegations of intersexual misconduct oregon harassment highly seriously."

"We proceed to grow our proviso of confidential and idiosyncratic support, including online reporting facilities either successful sanction oregon anonymously, arsenic good arsenic entree to our nonrecreational confidential counselling work for anyone who needs it.

"We are besides continuously improving our processes to guarantee amended supports for survivors are providing much grooming for managers investigating pupil and unit cases which subordinate to harassment oregon misconduct."

  • Additional reporting by Noor Abdel-Razik, Kevin Anderson and Bethany Woodhead.
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