Get Ready Healthcare! Cryptocurrency Is Here And It’s Called Bitcarecoin.

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Posted 04 May-2021 01:02 PM by Diane | 29

For those of you waiting for cryptocurrency to provide more real-world applications, we now have a new company making its debut. BitCareCoin, founded by Daniel Grant, a Healthcare leader with 15+ years of experience, felt there was something missing in the industry. “Insurance companies are shifting from fee for service and focusing on value-based and risk-based models; however, more focus needs to be placed on educating patients, promoting wellness, and providing rewards”.  

At BitCareCoin, the company specializes in a unique behavioral modification model focused on patients attesting that they completed specific healthcare gaps/metrics. Their primary focus is to contract with insurance companies. These agreements allow Cryptocurrency to be sent to each member’s wallet that is on BitCareCoin’s secure, HIPAA-compliant website. 


Daniel truly believes “this is healthcare 2.0“. He and his team are ready to have their token make a positive impact in the industry. They will be offering an airdrop so members can begin testing their tokens on June 30th. The first 10k members will receive 500 BitCareCoin. During this time, they will also be contracting with insurance companies. 

We look forward to seeing this new approach in healthcare and hope to see other blockchain technologies enter the market. If you have questions for BitCareCoin, please visit them at or email them at

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