Geelong great's grim warning after prelim beating

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Geelong premiership large Cameron Mooney is acrophobic a spread successful the club's playlist database volition make if young players aren't fixed capable opportunities successful the coming years.

Despite topping up its database with different big of veterans successful past year's commercialized period, Geelong erstwhile again failed to triumph a premiership, and were destroyed by 83 points successful a preliminary last against Melbourne.

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The catastrophic nonaccomplishment has resulted successful the spotlight being enactment connected the club's database strategy, with a fig of cardinal players present connected the incorrect broadside of 30.

Mooney, who played cardinal roles successful the club's 2007 and 2009 premierships, said incoming nine CEO Steve Hocking had needed to oversee a refreshment of the list.

Geelong's premiership hopes were brought to an abrupt extremity by a rampant Melbourne broadside connected Friday nighttime (Getty)

"They've had a batch of younker down there, but they're successful and retired of the broadside similar yo-yo's," Mooney told SEN.

"Now there's speech astir a mates of the younger stars possibly leaving … a batch of crippled clip they could person had implicit the years has gone missing owed to the information they wanted to bring successful older players.

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"I've got nary occupation if that's the mode they wanted to spell to get result, but unluckily the effect isn't there.

"If things don't alteration successful presumption of younker policy, I tin spot a spot of a spread (in the list) coming successful the adjacent mates of years.

Steve Hocking is leaving his relation arsenic the AFL's shot operations brag to go Geelong's adjacent CEO (Getty)

"There's a batch of aged guys astatine the footy club, each you request is 3 oregon 4 of them to spell astatine erstwhile and there's a large spread of acquisition determination and you astir apt haven't got the crippled clip into the younker that you'd hoped.

"Steve Hocking has immoderate large decisions to make."

Young stars specified arsenic Quinton Narkle, Jordan Clark and Charlie Constable person each been linked with exits owed to not getting insufficient playing clip implicit the past fewer seasons.

Mooney besides lamented the information that his beloved squad kept "going backmost to the well" with the aforesaid crippled benignant that has repeatedly travel unstuck successful the finals.

WA autochthonal Jordan Clark has been linked to a determination backmost location aft not receiving capable crippled clip (Getty)

"I'm precise disappointed that again we've seen a truly bully location and distant twelvemonth and yet it's a marque of shot that seems it doesn't marque it successful finals footy," helium said.

"When you travel up against the champion sides successful the comp, antiaircraft teams, unit teams, it's a crippled program that seems to travel unstuck many, galore times.

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"It seems similar they support going backmost to the good with that aforesaid benignant of crippled plan, and it seems similar it's not moving for them.

"I deliberation Steve Hocking is the astir important antheral coming into the shot nine implicit the adjacent mates of months for immoderate of the decisions made astir the shot club."

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