Gareth Southgate: England boss hopes to lead team at 2022 Qatar World Cup

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'It feels similar my stomach's been ripped out' - Southgate speaks aft Euro 2020 last defeat

England manager Gareth Southgate says helium hopes to usher the squad to the 2022 World Cup successful Qatar but needs clip to remainder earlier considering declaration talks.

He is nether declaration until aft the 2022 wintertime World Cup, and the Football Association is keen to renew his deal.

"As I beryllium present today, I would privation to beryllium taking the squad to Qatar," helium said.

"We of people person to suffice for Qatar. I request immoderate clip to ticker past night's crippled again, to bespeak connected the tournament.

"I request a rest. It's an astonishing acquisition to pb your state successful these tournaments, but it takes its toll."

Southgate was visibly dejected arsenic helium addressed the media astir 12 hours aft England's melodramatic Wembley decision successful the country's archetypal large men's last since the 1966 World Cup.

He stressed his tendency to not unreserved declaration talks was "not financial" and that it was "great" to person the Football Association's "internal support".

BBC Sport pundits Rio Ferdinand, Alan Shearer & Frank Lampard analyse Southgate's tactics

"There's a batch to deliberation through," helium added. "I consciousness we've made advancement implicit 4 years. A batch of things we've done close and we cognize this squad isn't astatine its highest yet.

"When you're successful athletics and you get to finals, those opportunities are truthful rare, truthful to beryllium close, it's precise hard the time after. You person fixed everything - the emotions are drained.

"We volition spell again. It's excessively casual to accidental we tin spell to the World Cup successful Qatar and triumph - that's a spot glib. We inactive person to qualify. You person to commencement the rhythm again.

"But to beryllium capable to enactment with these players each time has been fantastic, truthful erstwhile it comes to the extremity similar it has now, it's hard."

England had 1 of the youngest squads astatine Euro 2020, fuelling anticipation immoderate of the country's young talents volition make further by the clip the 2022 World Cup begins.

Southgate disagreed erstwhile asked if England were "too nice" to triumph the biggest tournaments, insisting teams would not beryllium capable to scope the last if that were the case.

"All of this squad tin spell again but the young ones are inactive 2 to 4 years from peaking," helium added.

"I cognize arsenic I bespeak implicit the coming days determination are a immense fig of positives and these players volition beryllium acold amended for going done truthful galore important wins and landmarks."

'He's a workaholic - this is simply a accidental for him to propulsion on'

Former Crystal Palace manager Alan Smith is simply a adjacent household person of Southgate's and was astatine Wembley with the England manager's parents and wife.

"They're truthful supportive of Gareth," Smith told BBC Sport. "They've lived done each the hardships. Football is not ever connected an upward strip, it has tons of downs. I saw past nighttime the quality of the household watching the penalties. They didn't duck distant from it, they watched it.

"It was large seeing Gareth travel successful aft and conscionable saying 'hello mum and dad, hullo darling' - due to the fact that they've been distant truthful long. It shows the merit of that family.

"I deliberation this is simply a accidental present for him to propulsion on. He is simply a workaholic and helium volition beryllium backmost successful connected Wednesday reasoning of the games that are coming up. He volition beryllium down with Steve Holland, Chris Powell and his different unit to spot if we tin physique connected what's been achieved."

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