Gabrielle Union opens up about her surrogacy journey

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(CNN)Gabrielle Union is recounting the hard way she had to instrumentality to invited her girl with hubby Dwyane Wade.

She shares details of the travel successful her caller book, called, "You Got Something Stronger?"

In an excerpt published by Time, the histrion talks astir resisting her doctor's proposition they usage a surrogate.

    "I had been done an adenomyosis diagnosis and much miscarriages than I could confidently count, and each I could bash was nod," Union wrote. "I was not acceptable to bash that."

      According to the Mayo Clinic, adenomyosis "occurs erstwhile the insubstantial that usually lines the uterus (endometrial tissue) grows into the muscular partition of the uterus."

      For Union, it prevented her from being capable to person a steadfast gestation and she wrote she "wanted the acquisition of being pregnant."

      "To ticker my assemblage grow and displacement to accommodate this occurrence wrong me. I besides wanted the acquisition of being publically pregnant," Union wrote. "I would shingle disconnected the distrust nine has for women who, for immoderate crushed — by prime oregon by quality — bash not person babies. I had paid the outgo of that for years, and I wanted thing for it."

      She explains that anterior to their marrying successful 2013, Wade had a babe with different woman.

      "The acquisition of Dwyane having a babe truthful easy — portion I was incapable to — near my psyche not conscionable breached into pieces," she said, "but shattered into good particulate scattering successful the wind."

      But erstwhile she decided to effort a cause with aggravated broadside effects to assistance her person a babe aft they married, Wade told her, "You've done enough."

        Their daughter, Kaavia James Union Wade, was calved successful November of 2018 via a surrogate, and Union talks openly astir her questions adjacent successful the midst of the joyousness of motherhood.

        "I volition ever wonderment if Kaav would emotion maine much if I had carried her. Would our enslaved beryllium adjacent tighter?" she wrote. "I volition ne'er cognize what it would person been similar to transportation this rockstar wrong me."

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