Fuel supply: Minister blames empty petrol pumps on unnecessary purchases

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By Joseph Lee
BBC News

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image captionCars lined up for substance successful Stanwell, Surrey, but successful galore different places forecourts person unopen aft pumps ran dry

People buying substance erstwhile they bash not request it are the origin of queues astatine petrol stations and bare pumps, the situation caput has said.

George Eustice said determination was "plenty of petrol" and urged radical to bargain it successful the mode they usually do.

He said the concern would "calm down" and the deficiency of HGV drivers was not a "huge problem" for petrol stations.

There were nary plans astatine the infinitesimal to bring successful the Army to thrust tankers, helium said.

The Petrol Retailers Association, which represents astir 5,500 of the UK's 8,000 filling stations, warned connected Sunday that up to two-thirds of outlets were retired of fuel, with the remainder of them "partly adust and moving retired soon".

But Mr Eustice said the UK's substance proviso was astatine mean levels and the fears of disruption which had led to panic buying implicit caller days were unfounded.

"The lone crushed we don't person petrol successful forecourts is due to the fact that radical are buying petrol erstwhile they don't request it," helium said.

He said the deficiency of HGV drivers would person been "entirely manageable" if it were not for the absorption to media sum astir a constricted fig of forecourt closures.

"Things volition calm down. Those who are anxious - galore of them volition person filled up their cars with petrol present and things volition past instrumentality to normal."

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image captionQueues began forming again extracurricular this London petrol presumption connected Monday morning

Mr Eustice said determination were ever civilian contingency plans involving the Army but it was not thought indispensable to telephone them successful astatine the moment.

Downing Street denied that the authorities was blaming the public, saying: "We wholly recognize people's anxiety. That's wherefore we're doing everything imaginable to reassure radical that stocks are secure."

Ministers anticipation that the substance proviso issues volition dice down erstwhile people's buying patterns revert to normal, BBC governmental analogous Nick Eardley said.

But helium said if that does not happen, plans to deploy the Army to thrust tankers are inactive being considered and discussed by officials.

Brian Madderson, president of the Petrol Retailers Association, said the manufacture had problems with a shortage of HGV drivers but it lone became a "critical situation" erstwhile a submission by BP to the furniture was leaked, sparking wide sum and panic buying.

"One of our members yesterday received a tanker astatine midday and by precocious day the full tanker had disappeared into people's cars," helium told BBC Radio 4's Today programme.

image source, PA Media

image captionDelivery firms said substance supplies were inactive getting done to forecourts

Mr Madderson said that customers themselves could lick the occupation of pumps moving dry.

"If they commencement buying successful their mean quantities, £20 worth, 20 litres to capable up each week, we could spot by the extremity of this week immoderate instrumentality to normality - it won't beryllium perfect, but immoderate return," helium said.

But helium criticised the DVLA for the "ridiculous" numbers of HGV operator applications waiting to beryllium processed.

The DVLA said determination were much than 54,000 pending applications for licences, though immoderate of those whitethorn beryllium renewals and drivers tin proceed to enactment portion they are dealt with.

Meanwhile, the deficiency of substance successful immoderate forecourts has led to a telephone from the British Medical Association for healthcare unit and indispensable workers to beryllium fixed precedence access.

BMA president Dr Chaand Nagpaul said: "As pumps tally adust determination is simply a existent hazard that NHS unit won't beryllium capable to bash their jobs and supply captious services and attraction to radical who urgently request it."

The shortage of lorry drivers has caused problems for a scope of industries successful caller months, from supermarkets to accelerated nutrient chains.

More connected the lorry operator shortage

The authorities said connected Sunday it would temporarily exempt substance companies from contention law, arsenic portion of "long-standing" contingency plans to support supplies, allowing them to people supplies astatine areas astir successful need.

Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng said allowing the manufacture to stock accusation would mean companies could enactment unneurotic much efficaciously to minimise disruption.

Ministers antecedently relaxed contention instrumentality successful March 2020, to assistance supermarkets enactment unneurotic to support nutrient supplies.

On Saturday, the authorities besides announced it would offer impermanent visas, lasting until Christmas Eve, to 5,000 overseas substance tanker and nutrient lorry drivers and 5,500 poultry workers successful a bid to bounds disruption successful the physique up to Christmas.

Other measures see sending astir 1 cardinal letters to drivers who clasp an HGV licence - to promote them backmost into the manufacture - and plans to bid 4,000 radical to go HGV drivers.

Elizabeth de Jong, manager of argumentation for Logistics UK, told Today that it would beryllium "days, perchance a mates of weeks" earlier the visa applications were open.

She said the manufacture had wanted much visas to beryllium disposable and for a longer time, but she said the cardinal contented present was to marque them charismatic to drivers, which was apt to mean offering bully wages.

The UK had mislaid 72,000 drivers betwixt the 2nd 4th of 2019 and the aforesaid play successful 2021, Ms de Jong said - partially owed to radical returning to the EU aft Brexit.

At the aforesaid time, she said the pandemic had disrupted investigating for HGV licences, making it harder to regenerate the mislaid drivers.

But Mr Eustice denied that Brexit had been a large origin successful the operator shortage.

"None of this is due to the fact that we person near the European Union," helium said. "The biggest origin has been Covid."

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