Fire safety rules put Newcastle couple's lives 'on hold'

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By Luke Walton
Political correspondent, BBC Politics North

image captionThe mates fearfulness they are facing a measure which could tally into tens of thousands of pounds

A mates accidental their lives are connected clasp aft post-Grenfell checks recovered their flat needed large changes to conscionable occurrence information rules.

Morgan Harvey and Ana Javornik's Newcastle location was recovered to incorporate combustible insulation, leaving them facing a perchance immense removal bill.

Due to this, they accidental they cannot merchantability the flat oregon commencement a family.

The authorities says it has allocated much than £5bn to tackling problems uncovered aft the Grenfell tragedy.

However, leaseholders kick that it is they - not developers oregon the authorities - who are near to wage astir of the measure for occurrence information work.

The mates fearfulness the outgo could tally into thousands, oregon adjacent tens of thousands of pounds.

image captionThe flat is successful a improvement successful Ouseburn

Mr Harvey said their level was adjacent intolerable to sell, with lenders refusing to connection mortgages due to the fact that of information concerns.

The couple, who are aged 35 and 37 and are some academics, nary longer enactment successful Newcastle and request to determination southbound to beryllium person to their spot of work.

Mr Harvey described it arsenic a "logistical nightmare".

He said: "There's immense amounts of accent … there's been a batch of insomnia associated with it.

"We are besides astatine a signifier successful our lives wherever we would similar to person a household and we conscionable don't deliberation it's remotely liable to bring a kid into this situation."

'Completely unacceptable'

Gavin Fenton, who has an flat successful the aforesaid development, said it was unclear whether they could use for a government-backed indebtedness strategy supporting remediation successful blocks beneath 18m (59ft).

The 32-year-old orthodontist described it arsenic "completely unacceptable" that leaseholders were having to pay.

"At the extremity of the time it's the information that the gathering specifications person changed, it's the information that the proposal from the authorities has changed", helium said.

Martin Bourne, 30, moved into a high-rise improvement successful Gateshead successful 2019, and a fewer months aboriginal information faults were discovered - including a deficiency of occurrence breaks - that present necessitate a round-the-clock occurrence ticker funded by residents.

The 30-year-old information idiosyncratic estimates the eventual measure for leaseholders could apical £25,000 each.

He said: "I couldn't spend to wage for the remediations if each the costs landed connected leaseholders.

"I person truthful galore sleepless nights implicit it."

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government said: "Owners and manufacture should marque buildings harmless without passing connected costs to leaseholders and we volition guarantee they wage their just stock with a caller levy and tax.

"We are further protecting leaseholders from costs done unprecedented backing of £5bn to region unsafe cladding from each high-rise residential buildings."

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