Fears for teen star after cruel England 'gamble'

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England manager Gareth Southgate has been enactment nether the microscope for immoderate questionable decisions up of a high-pressure punishment shootout that yet proved decisive arsenic Italy claimed the Euro 2020 title.

Two hours of play was not capable to interruption a 1-1 deadlock astatine Wembley Stadium, forcing yet different punishment shootout to determine an result astatine this year's championship.

In the last infinitesimal of other time, Southgate made immoderate strategical substitutions, bringing connected Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho for their perceived acquisition from the punishment spot.

But it'd soon backfire connected the England manager, with some men missing their attempts, throwing the onus connected teen prima Bukayo Saka to support England successful the match.

Bukayo Saka is comforted by teammates aft missing the decisive penalty. (Getty)

Stepping up to the sheet with the value of Europe watching, Saka would person his timid effort stopped by the domineering beingness of Gianluigi Donnarumma betwixt the sticks, and with it the hopes of millions crossed England.

However, questions person been asked arsenic to wherefore Saka, a youngster with comparatively nary planetary experience, was thrown nether the autobus erstwhile the likes of Jack Grealish and Raheem Sterling – 2 acold much experienced players – stood by watching.

"Football is simply a cruel game. The 2 substitutes that Gareth Southgate made a infinitesimal earlier the punishment shootout, were Sancho and Rashford. It could person been a changeable of genius but it didn't enactment retired that way," erstwhile EPL prima Michael Bridges told Optus Sport.

"And the 19-year-old, Saka, to enactment that overmuch unit connected him to instrumentality the 5th punishment erstwhile I spot a antheral successful Grealish, who was connected the side. I'm precise amazed helium was fixed the work arsenic the 5th due to the fact that it tin beryllium a decisive one. I anticipation it doesn't impact him excessively much."

Italy beat England in Euro final shootout

Socceroos fable John Aloisi echoed that take.

"I consciousness for Saka, particularly him, he's lone a young kid. Hopefully, helium gets implicit it and has the vocation everyone's expecting due to the fact that it is tough," helium said.

"He had specified a bully tournament, specified a affirmative player, specified a talent, and past to beryllium enactment successful specified a presumption and miss, it's going to beryllium heartbreaking for him."

England fable Alan Shearer was acold much forthright successful his assessment.

"A big, large inquire to enactment 2 players connected with a infinitesimal to spell to accidental you're going to instrumentality a punishment for us," helium said.

Gianluigi Donnarumma of Italy saves England's fifth, and the decisive punishment successful a punishment sprout retired from Bukayo Saka (Getty)

"You're nether capable unit anyhow arsenic a subordinate but the other unit you've enactment connected those individuals erstwhile you've had nary consciousness of the football, not progressive successful the crippled astatine each and past you're enactment successful that situation. It's a big, large ask.

"When you've not played a immense portion successful the tourney though, oregon the game, past to travel connected and beryllium asked for a minute. Mentally successful that concern you've got to get yourself right. You've not kicked a football. You've been sat connected your backside for 3 hours."

Former Manchester United prima Roy Keane was disappointed Saka was hung retired to adust by his much experienced teammates.

"If you're Sterling oregon Grealish, you cannot beryllium determination and ticker a kid locomotion up up of you, you can't," helium told ITV Sport.

England manager Gareth Southgate consoles Jadon Sancho aft his punishment miss pursuing the UEFA Euro 2020 Final astatine Wembley Stadium, London. Picture date: Sunday July 11, 2021. (Photo by Mike Egerton/PA Images via Getty Images) (PA Images via Getty Images)

"You can't beryllium determination and spell 'I spot a young kid, 19-year-old, a kid [Saka], walking up successful beforehand of me, and I've played a batch much games, I've got a batch much experience'.

"Sterling, who has won a batch much games, won trophies. Gareth mightiness person been reasoning he's going to beryllium six oregon seven, you can't beryllium there. That indispensable beryllium hard to take, you've got to spell to this young kid and accidental I'll measurement up earlier you'."

Fronting up astatine full-time, Southgate shouldered the work for the bungled punishment shootout, shielding his players from the inevitable fallout to come.

"We prepared arsenic good arsenic we could for the [penalty shootout], that's my responsibility, I chose the guys to instrumentality the kicks. In the end, we weren't rather capable to spot the crippled done successful the mean regularisation time," Southgate told the BBC.

Donnarumma was a elephantine betwixt the sticks to nonstop Italy to glory. (Getty)

"It was a gamble, but if we gambled aboriginal we whitethorn person mislaid the crippled successful mean clip anyway."

On handing the decisive punishment to 19-year-old Bukayo Saka, Southgate said: "That's my determination to springiness him that penalty, that's wholly my responsibility. It's not him oregon Marcus oregon Jadon, we enactment together, we enactment done them successful training, that's the bid we came to. That's my telephone arsenic a coach."

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