F1 grand prix winner, title runner-up dead at 79

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Argentinian operator Carlos Reutemann, who won 12 Formula One races, died connected Wednesday astatine the property of 79.

He made his debut successful the athletics successful 1972 and raced until 1982 for Brabham, Ferrari, Lotus and Williams. He was connected the podium 45 times and registered six rod positions.

Reutemann was the rubric runner-up successful 1981, finishing 1 constituent down Brazilian Nelson Piquet.

"Daddy went successful bid and dignity aft warring similar a champion, with a noble and beardown bosom that followed him to the end," his girl Cora Reutemann said.

Carlos Reutemann drives the Martini Racing Brabham BT45 Alfa Romeo Flat-12 astatine the British Grand Prix successful 1976. (Getty)
Carlos Reutemann drives his Ferrari 312T3 astatine the Grand Prix of the Netherlands successful 1978. (Getty)
Carlos Reutemann drives his Williams during the LA Grand Prix of 1981, the twelvemonth helium astir won the satellite championship. (Getty)

The erstwhile driver, who besides had a vocation successful politics, was hospitalised past period with digestive problems. His wellness started to deteriorate successful 2017 aft helium was diagnosed with liver cancer.

Reutemann was doubly elected politician of his state of Santa Fe, and since 2003 helium sat successful the country's Senate.

Carlos Reutemann successful 1981. (Getty)

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