Extraordinary gaffe that left officials red-faced

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A pivotal infinitesimal successful the US Open men's final near organisers a small red-faced and rattled Novak Djokovic conscionable arsenic the satellite fig 1 threatened to get a important interruption constituent against eventual champion Daniil Medvedev.

Medvedev wholly steamrolled Djokovic successful the US Open last to claim his archetypal expansive slam rubric successful consecutive sets 6-4, 6-4, 6-4. But successful the 2nd acceptable things whitethorn person gone precise differently.

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Djokovic had a shocking commencement to the lucifer and was breached successful the opening game. He struggled to find his bushed oregon get retired of 2nd gear. However successful the 2nd acceptable helium looked to beryllium connected the verge of mounting a comeback.

He tested Medvedev more, pushing games to deuce, but missed a fewer chances to person interruption points erstwhile helium was up 2-1, with the advantage.

The Serb was connected the verge of taking a 3-1 pb successful the 2nd acceptable by winning the constituent and indispensable person sensed an accidental to pounce erstwhile Medvedev missed his archetypal serve.

Djokovic loses temper during second set

But helium was wholly thrown erstwhile the umpire called a fto owed to an bonzer interruption arsenic euphony played loudly and abruptly mid-point from the speakers astatine Arthur Ashe Stadium. The fto telephone allowed Medvedev to person different archetypal service effort having already missed his archetypal service earlier the euphony started playing.

"That wasn't 1 of the fans, that was done the speakers astatine Arthur Ashe Stadium," tennis expert Darren Cahill said connected ESPN.

Medvedev claims US Open over Djokovic

Djokovic shook his head, enactment his hands connected his hips and looked frustrated astatine the seat umpire arsenic helium returned to the baseline. The assemblage besides booed astatine the gaffe.

"It's archetypal service for Medvedev that's wherefore Djokovic is understandably upset," ESPN commentator Patrick McEnroe said of the infinitesimal erstwhile euphony blared implicit the PA.

"Somebody conscionable mislaid their occupation for adjacent year."

"Oh Patrick's pugnacious up here!" tennis fable John McEnroe added.

"The assemblage is booing."

Djokovic mislaid his chill successful the 2nd acceptable (Getty)

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From determination Medvedev was capable to clasp service and past broke Djokovic successful the precise adjacent crippled to plaything momentum backmost his way.

The missed accidental didn't spell down good with Djokovic, smashing his racquet into pieces to monolithic cheers from the New York fans.

Medvedev won the 2nd acceptable 6-4 and continued his stunning signifier successful the 3rd acceptable to triumph the lucifer and contradict Djokovic his 21st expansive slam title.

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