Ex-track prodigy sues Nike and ex-coach for millions

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A erstwhile rising way prima is suing Nike and her ex-coach for $20 million, saying she suffered affectional maltreatment astatine an elite grooming program.

Mary Cain filed the suit successful Oregon connected Monday against the diversion apparel institution and Alberto Salazar, who ran the Nike Oregon Project until helium was suspended for doping offenses and the programme was unopen down.

Starting successful 2012, Cain participated successful the programme astatine Nike headquarters, which was designed to amended the fortunes of American region runners successful planetary competitions.

She was 16 years aged astatine the clip she informally joined the team. The adjacent year, she accepted an endorsement declaration with Nike arsenic a nonrecreational runner for the Nike Oregon Project.

The suit claims that, arsenic caput coach, Salazar "acted with cognition that terrible affectional distress was definite oregon substantially definite to effect from his conduct."

Mary Cain said she was treated poorly by her ex-coach and Nike. (Getty)

In particular, the ailment states, "Salazar told her that she was excessively abdominous and that her breasts and bottommost were excessively big."

Cain's attorneys besides allege that "Salazar and different Nike employees often made sexist and objectifying comments astir pistillate athletes, focusing connected their quality and weight, portion they did not marque akin comments to oregon regarding antheral athletes."

Cain says successful the suit that she was enactment connected a fare that near her truthful hungry, she secretly stole nutrient from her teammates which she ate successful the bathroom.

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The ailment says Salazar publically berated her astir her value adjacent aft she won the 3,000 meters inferior satellite title successful 2014, a archetypal for an American woman, according to the suit.

The suit besides says Salazar was alert that Cain was processing an eating upset and had deliberately chopped herself, but helium allegedly did thing and ridiculed Cain for having panic attacks.

Cain's complaints astir the Nike Oregon Project archetypal became nationalist successful 2019 erstwhile she shared her communicative successful a seven-minute video op-ed with the New York Times.

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