Euro 2021 Final: Fans who stormed gates did not get in, says Wembley

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Wembley Stadium said nary ticketless fans managed to summation introduction aft video footage showed dozens of radical pushing done barriers.

Fans fought with stewards and constabulary arsenic they attempted to interruption done the gates earlier the Euro 2020 final.

A spokesperson for the stadium said "safety measures were rapidly activated" aft the incident.

"There were nary information breaches of radical without tickets getting wrong the stadium", the spokesperson said.

The Met Police said: "We supported the information teams astatine Wembley Stadium a abbreviated clip agone with this incident.

"Wembley information officials person confirmed determination was nary information breaches of radical without tickets getting wrong the stadium."

In footage posted by video blogger Paul Brown, fans could beryllium seen jumping implicit barriers and grappling with stewards and police, arsenic immoderate of them were ejected.

Mr Brown said determination were not capable constabulary to woody with the size of the crowd.

Police can’t halt the England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 fans without tickets storming the summons entrances astatine Wembley - not capable riot constabulary to woody with the value magnitude of the assemblage - kicking disconnected !!!

— Paul Brown 🇬🇧 Browns fan🏈 London News 🎥Vlogger (@PaulBrown_UK) July 11, 2021

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BBC News shaper Warren Moran said helium saw radical without tickets forcing their mode done the turnstiles, but could not accidental whether they were aboriginal ejected from the stadium.

He said dozens of radical were pushing done the gates for disabled people, which were open.

A video posted by Sky Sports newsman Michelle Owen showed respective fans streaming implicit barriers arsenic stewards looked on.

She said: "If this is adjacent crossing your mind, don't. You don't get far. Please don't ruin it for everyone astatine Wembley."

Wembley said the incidental took spot astatine the outer perimeter and constabulary had supported stewards successful responding to it, without fans breaching security.

Despite Wembley's assertion that ticketless fans had not gained introduction to the stadium, immoderate witnesses said they had seen radical getting successful by "tailgating" down ticket-holders done the barriers.

The Daily Telegraph's Ben Rumsby posted connected Twitter that helium and others had seen examples of this successful the build-up to the final.

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