Euro 2020: Men sought over Wembley final disorder

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image captionPolice person asked anyone who recognises the men to get successful touch

Images of 7 men being sought successful transportation with upset which saw ticketless fans effort to unit their mode into Wembley up of the Euro 2020 last person been released by police.

Fans fought with stewards and constabulary arsenic they attempted to interruption done gates earlier the lucifer connected 11 July.

The Metropolitan Police said the images were of "those who we deliberation person questions to answer".

The unit has asked anyone with accusation to get successful touch.

The Met had primitively released images of 10 men, but said it present had "sufficient information" connected 3 of them.

In a statement, it said that aft the match, officers "began the painstaking process of reviewing hundreds of hours of CCTV and body-worn video contented from Wembley Stadium and different cardinal locations".

"The meticulous probe volition proceed to place further radical of involvement oregon so different offences which whitethorn person occurred," the unit added.

Det Sgt Matt Simpson said the Met "made a committedness that those liable would look consequences".

"Today's enactment is being taken to assistance place those who we deliberation person questions to answer," helium said.

"If you cognize who they are, we impulse you to get successful interaction arsenic soon arsenic possible."

On Friday, 2 18-year-old men were arrested connected suspicion of stealing items that helped ticketless fans interruption into the stadium.

Det Sgt Simpson said the probe into the upset was "in its precise aboriginal stages and I americium successful nary uncertainty that further appeals and arrests volition follow".

Police and the Football Association are reviewing however the lucifer was handled.

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