Euro 2020: Labour petition urges 'jinxed' MP to continue England football match boycott

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Labour has launched a petition urging a Conservative MP to proceed his boycott of the England Euro shot matches.

Lee Anderson says helium has refused to ticker England's games owed to the squad taking the genu astatine each game.

The MP says the enactment is simply a governmental motion with which helium disagrees.

Labour's tongue-in-cheek petition argues Mr Anderson, who was calved successful 1967, has "jinxed" English football, saying helium needs support up his boycott to guarantee a location triumph astatine Wembley connected Sunday.

The form, shared connected societal media, says: "Sulky Tory MP Lee Anderson hasn't been cheering England's heroes similar the remainder of america due to the fact that helium doesn't similar their elemental enactment of anti-racism.

"Reaching our archetypal last since earlier helium was calved is specified a large feeling - but it's not enough.

"We privation to decorativeness the occupation connected Sunday.

"So we're saying: Anderson, enactment away, bash the housework, ticker Midsomer Murders, thing and support up your pathetic one-man boycott for 1 much game."

Defending his determination connected Facebook earlier successful the week, Mr Anderson said: "I don't similar the taking the genu business, I deliberation it associates with the Black Lives Matter question - I cognize the England players don't deliberation it does but it does, it does to me.

"But that's their prime to instrumentality the genu and it's my prime not to ticker the matches."

He said helium hoped the England squad triumph their lucifer against Italy successful the Euro finals connected Sunday and would beryllium checking his telephone to cheque the score.

"I've had a spot of a torrid week actually, tons of emails, a spot of maltreatment - but that's mean - astir my determination not to ticker the England matches," helium added.

Taking the knee

American footballer Colin Kaepernick starting kneeling earlier games successful 2016 to protestation against constabulary unit towards African-Americans.

The enactment has since go a salient awesome successful athletics and during protests, and England players person been taking the genu astatine the commencement of their matches successful the Euros tournament.

England vice-captain Jordan Henderson said: "As players, we've made it precise wide that we'll each basal unneurotic against racism and that is the crushed that we'll proceed to instrumentality the genu and person done implicit the past fewer weeks."

And the squad manager Gareth Southgate said: "I deliberation we person got a concern wherever immoderate radical look to deliberation it is simply a governmental basal that they don't hold with. That is not the crushed the players are doing it - we are supporting each other."

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