Euro 2020 final: Harry Maguire's father suffered two suspected broken ribs

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Video shows fans breaking done a Wembley Stadium entranceway earlier the final

Harry Maguire's begetter Alan suffered 2 suspected breached ribs earlier England's Euro 2020 last decision by Italy, says the England defender.

Fans fought with stewards and constabulary arsenic they attempted to interruption done gates for Sunday's crippled astatine Wembley.

Maguire's father, 56, was "struggling to breathe" aft being trampled on.

"My dada was successful the stampede," Maguire told the Sun.external-link "It was not a bully acquisition - it shook him up. He said helium was scared."

The Manchester United captain, who has 2 daughters, added: "I don't privation anyone to acquisition that astatine a shot match.

"He was fortunate arsenic each crippled helium has been to helium has had my nephew oregon 1 of my kids connected his shoulders. I americium pleased my kids didn't spell to the game."

The 28-year-old's begetter and cause Kenneth Shepherd were caught up successful the incidental arsenic they made their mode to the seating country reserved for players' families.

Medical attraction was not sought astatine the time, Maguire saying of his father: "He was struggling with his breathing afterwards due to the fact that of his ribs, but he's not 1 to marque a large fuss."

Maguire, who had astir 20 members of his household and friends astatine the game, said helium hoped the information breach would not impact England's chances of hosting a aboriginal World Cup.

"The mode immoderate radical acted was wholly wrong," helium added.

"Dad volition ever enactment maine and spell to the games but helium volition beryllium a small spot much alert of everything going connected around.

"[Wembley] has been an astonishing home, and the mode [fans] person acted has been unbelievable, isolated from the unusual fewer successful a final.

"We request to larn and we volition — and it would beryllium an astonishing spot to clasp the World Cup."

Separately, Julian Knight, seat of the Digital, Culture, Media and Sport Committee, has written a missive to Mark Bullingham, main enforcement of the Football Association, asking for further item connected the information and information measures taken.

The MP said helium was "shocked and appalled by the unit seen astatine Wembley for Sunday's final" and expects a reply by 20 July.

"These culturally important events should animate the adjacent generation, not permission reports of children being terrified," helium said.

"We person concerns astir whether the preparations for the lawsuit were capable and are requesting urgent answers from the FA. Given the situation, what readying had been done for radical 'storming' the stadium?"

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