Euro 2020 Final: FA review after fans break into Wembley

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image captionA representation showing a enactment of constabulary earlier the summons barriers

The Football Association (FA) volition behaviour a afloat reappraisal aft a "large fig of drunken yobs" tried to unit their mode successful to Wembley without tickets up of the Euro 2020 final.

Fans fought with stewards and constabulary arsenic they attempted to interruption done gates.

FA main enforcement Mark Bullingham apologised to morganatic fans who were affected and said the information squad had "never seen thing similar it".

The Metropolitan Police said it worked with information to forestall breaches.

Mr Bullingham said helium was not definite those who broke successful were existent fans.

"We person got a fantastic information squad astatine the stadium and they person ne'er seen thing similar it.

"There were a ample fig of drunken yobs trying to unit their mode in, we tally a stadium not a fortress.

I person to apologise to immoderate fans whose acquisition was affected and immoderate of the squad who had to header with this."

He said the FA would enactment with the constabulary to prohibition anyone who had forced their mode successful and to forestall specified an lawsuit happening again.

Police initially denied anyone without a summons had gained entry, saying: "There were nary information breaches of radical without tickets getting wrong the stadium."

In a aboriginal statement, a stadium spokesperson said: "There was a breach of information and a tiny radical of radical got into the stadium.

"We are present moving intimately with stadium stewards and information to region these people. Anyone wrong the stadium without a summons volition beryllium instantly ejected."

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image captionWembley Way was packed earlier the final

A ample assemblage had besides been trying to participate the instrumentality portion successful Trafalgar Square without tickets soon earlier kick-off, the Met Police said.

Police said they had been "engaging with the assemblage and telling them to disperse".

At Wembley, a antheral was taken to infirmary aft helium was deed by a autobus connected High Road. Police said the autobus operator stopped astatine the country and the man's injuries were not said to beryllium life-threatening.

Some of the radical wrong Wembley said determination had been fans lasting connected the concourse for the full archetypal half, watching the match.

After the match, riot constabulary could beryllium seen breaking done crowds extracurricular Wembley Stadium arsenic fans departed.

Beer bottles were thrown amid chants against Italy and the Met Police said determination had been 49 arrests by officers policing the final, with 19 officers injured "while they confronted volatile crowds".

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