Euro 2020: Fans' despair as England lose to Italy in final

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By Becky Morton
BBC News

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image captionFans were near with their heads successful their hands astatine the Trafalgar Square instrumentality portion successful cardinal London

Fans person reacted with disappointment arsenic England mislaid to Italy connected penalties successful the Euro 2020 final.

Around 60,000 fans astatine Wembley witnessed the Three Lions' defeat, portion millions watched successful pubs, instrumentality zones and homes crossed the country.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge - who were astatine Wembley with Prince George - congratulated the Italian side.

London's Metropolitan Police said officers made 45 arrests during Sunday, amid pre-match unrest astatine the stadium.

"Heartbreaking. Congratulations Azzurri connected a large victory," the royal mates wrote connected Twitter.

"England, you've each travel truthful far, but sadly this clip it wasn't our day. You tin each clasp your heads high, and beryllium truthful arrogant of yourselves - I cognize there's much to come."

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said England "played similar heroes", adding: "They person done the federation arrogant and merit large credit."

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan said: "Well, what a Euro 2020 you gave america England. You made past this tournament. Few person seen an England show - oregon squad - similar the 1 you gave america this summer."

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image captionThere was heartbreak for Three Lions fans who had gathered astatine Trafalgar Square

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image captionItalian fans were jubilant astatine the Fori Imperiali fanzone successful Rome aft their squad won the punishment shootout

At Birmingham's Luna Springs large surface venue, teen Jack Smith said: "I consciousness atrocious for the lads who had to instrumentality a punishment aft coming connected cold.

"I thought immoderate of the bigger names would've stepped forward."

In Newcastle, Millie Carson, 18, said: "We person travel truthful far, winning would person topped it each off.

"The squad has brought the state together, everyone has been loving beingness successful these hard times."

Scotland Yard said determination was a "breach of security" successful the day "which resulted successful a tiny fig of radical getting into the stadium without a ticket".

"Officers worked intimately with information officials to forestall immoderate further breaches," the Met said successful a statement.

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