Euro 2020: England fans start gathering ahead of final

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By Katie Wright
BBC News

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image captionFans started gathering extracurricular Wembley hours earlier kick-off

England fans person started gathering arsenic excitement builds up of their team's Euro 2020 last against Italy.

Supporters began arriving astatine Wembley hours earlier the eagerly anticipated 20:00 BST kick-off astatine the stadium, which volition big 60,000 fans later.

Long queues person been forming extracurricular pubs up of the match, which volition spot England purpose to triumph their archetypal large shot tourney since 1966.

The Queen and Boris Johnson person led messages of enactment to the team.

Manager Gareth Southgate thanked fans for their "incredible support" passim the tourney and pledged to bash "everything we can" to win.

From surviving rooms to pubs, instrumentality zones and a packed Wembley stadium, millions are expected to ticker Sunday evening's match.

Pubs volition beryllium allowed to enactment unfastened an other 45 minutes successful lawsuit of other clip and penalties, portion thousands of schoolchildren will beryllium allowed to get aboriginal connected Monday truthful they tin ticker the final.

Fans besides gathered astatine the 229 venue successful cardinal London to ticker an impromptu gig by The Lightning Seeds, who were reunited with comedians David Baddiel and Frank Skinner to execute the Three Lions shot anthem.

They were introduced by Sir Geoff Hurst, who scored a hat-trick arsenic England won the 1966 World Cup Final, successful beforehand of a jubilant crowd.

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image captionLong queues person been forming extracurricular pubs, including this 1 astatine the Faltering Fullback pub successful Finsbury Park, London

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image captionSupporters extracurricular Wembley person been letting disconnected flares arsenic crowds started gathering hours up of kick-off

Italy are expected to person respective 1000 UK-based supporters astatine the game, portion a maximum of 1,000 fans person been fixed peculiar support to alert from Italy for the final.

The Metropolitan Police person urged fans not to travel to London unless they person lucifer tickets oregon determination booked to ticker the game.

England's coronavirus restrictions are not owed to beryllium lifted until 19 July, truthful certain rules inactive apply - specified arsenic up to six radical oregon 2 households being capable to conscionable indoors.

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image captionThe England players spell for a stroll up of the match

In a video connection posted connected Twitter connected Sunday, Southgate said the enactment from the fans had fixed the squad a "huge lift".

"We anticipation that you've enjoyed watching america play," helium said. "I'm precise grateful to each of the players and the unthinkable unit I've got with me, that we've been capable to get to our archetypal last for 55 years.

"But of people we cognize present we've got to present for you, truthful we'll beryllium doing everything we can."

media captionJoanne and Alfonso unrecorded successful Bedford, which is called England's "Little Italy" for its ample Italian population

The Football Association's main executive, Mark Bullingham, told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that the temper successful the England campy was "very calm".

He said Southgate had built a truly beardown situation and created a "band of brothers feeling" successful the team, which had a "fantastic togetherness" and "resilience".

"We're successful a bully place. It volition beryllium a pugnacious crippled but we're going to springiness it a bully go," helium added.

Asked what helium would accidental to England fans considering booing the Italian nationalist anthem earlier the match, helium said: "We've been truly wide we bash not enactment that. We privation them to truly get down the team… but get down the squad successful the close way."

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image captionEngland instrumentality Phil Ling volition beryllium going to Wembley with 2 of his friends

One of the fortunate fans to get a summons for the lucifer is Mohammed Patel, 20, from Preston, who says helium has travelled each implicit Europe supporting England and to spot the existent squad play unneurotic "is truthful exciting".

"I watched the Denmark crippled the different day, but this is the final. It's erstwhile successful a lifetime, it hasn't happened successful my beingness before, and I cannot judge I get to go."

Another to person a summons is Phil Ling, from Wimbledon, who volition beryllium going to the lucifer with 2 of his friends and is looking guardant to the ambiance astatine Wembley.

He adds: "We are each superstitious and we'll beryllium wearing the aforesaid apparel we wore during England's earlier games."

The premier curate tweeted a video connected Sunday, saying: "Best of luck to England tonight. It's been an unthinkable travel truthful far, but we are each hoping you tin spell 1 amended and bring it location tonight."

His words were accompanied by a brass set mentation of the unofficial England shot anthem Sweet Caroline, and the premier curate added: "Football's coming home!"

How tin I travel the Euro 2020 final?

You tin ticker England v Italy unrecorded on BBC One. The lucifer kicks-off astatine 20:00 BST tonight, but the TV sum starts astatine 18:20.

You tin besides watercourse the lucifer via BBC iPlayer oregon the BBC Sport unrecorded page.

For vigor listeners, physique up to the lucifer volition statesman connected BBC Radio 5 Live from 18:00, with unrecorded commentary from 20:00.

The Duke of Cambridge, who is besides president of the Football Association, sent his champion wishes to the team.

"Can't truly judge this is happening, truthful exciting, and conscionable privation you the precise champion of luck," helium said.

"You bring retired the precise champion of England and we are each down you, the full state is down you, truthful bring it home."

media caption"I can't truly judge this is happening": Prince William sends bully luck connection to England

The Queen's connection recalled presenting the World Cup trophy to Bobby Moore successful 1966 arsenic she praised the existent team's "spirit, committedness and pridefulness with which you person conducted yourselves".

She wrote: "Fifty-five years agone I was fortunate to contiguous the World Cup to Bobby Moore and saw what it meant to the players, absorption and enactment unit to scope and triumph the last of a large planetary shot tournament.

"I privation to nonstop my congratulations and that of my household to you each connected reaching the last of the European Championships, and nonstop my bully wishes for time with the anticipation that past volition grounds not lone your occurrence but besides the spirit, committedness and pridefulness with which you person conducted yourselves."

England's way to the last

13 June, radical stage: England beat Croatia 1-0, with Sterling scoring the lone extremity of the game

18 June, radical stage: England and Scotland gully 0-0 astatine Wembley

22 June, radical stage: England beat Czech Republic 1-0 to apical Group D, with Sterling scoring again

29 June, circular of 16: England beat Germany 2-0 acknowledgment to goals from Kane and Sterling

3 July, quarter-final: Kane, Maguire and Henderson people arsenic England beat Ukraine 4-0

7 July, semi-final: England beat Denmark 2-1 aft other time, with Kane scoring the winner

media captionA poem for England: BBC presenters' connection for the Three Lions up the Euro 2020 final
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