Electric cars: Man named after service station plans motorway ‘revolution’

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By Jon Douglas
Reporter, You & Yours

image captionToddington Harper with upgraded complaint points astatine Toddington work presumption connected the M1

Toddington Harper thinks helium whitethorn person been destined to alteration the motorway web since his parents named him aft Toddington services connected the M1 successful Bedfordshire.

The businessman from Iver, successful Buckinghamshire, is promising to marque large improvements astatine motorway work stations allowing much drivers to complaint the batteries of their electrical vehicles rapidly and efficiently.

Mr Harper's company, Gridserve, precocious bought the existing web of astir 300 complaint points astatine 150 locations, known arsenic the Electric Highway, from the greenish vigor institution Ecotricity.

The program is to regenerate each of those ageing devices with newer versions by September.

For the archetypal time, it volition beryllium imaginable to usage them with conscionable a contactless debit oregon recognition paper alternatively of a smartphone app and 2 vehicles volition beryllium capable to complaint astatine erstwhile alternatively of one.

image copyrightGRIDSERVE

image captionThe archetypal 'electric hub' opened astatine Rugby services successful April 2021

Gridserve has besides outlined plans to instal astatine slightest 50 'electric hubs' astatine motorway work stations with each of them including anyplace betwixt six to 12 ultra-rapid chargers.

The 350kW devices mean the astir precocious electrical cars should beryllium capable to adhd 100 miles of scope successful a substance of minutes, depending upon the car.

Other providers including, Tesla and Ionity, already person ultra-rapid chargers on, oregon adjacent to, the motorway network.

Elsewhere, Gridserve has trademarked the sanction 'Electric Forecourts' and plans to unfastened much than 100 of those charging hubs successful towns and cities wrong the adjacent 5 years.

Each forecourt volition see shops, cafes, toilets and adjacent showrooms wherever radical tin larn astir electrical cars.

Gridserve says each of its chargers are supported by star farms, meaning that each portion of energy taken from the grid is matched by an equivalent magnitude of star vigor going backmost into it.

image copyrightGRIDSERVE

image captionThe archetypal of Gridserve's Electric Forecourts was built, astatine Braintree, successful Essex

The authorities has banned the merchantability of caller petrol and diesel cars successful the UK from 2030 successful an effort to tackle contamination and clime change.

Consequently, Toddington Harper told Radio 4's You and Yours that helium believes we are present entering a "mass market" for electrical vehicles.

Why Toddington?

"We tin person the assurance to deploy overmuch larger numbers of chargers', helium says, 'the concern lawsuit is conscionable wholly antithetic to what it utilized to be".

Ecotricity launched the Electric Highway successful 2011. It was a pioneering determination which meant drivers could question longer distances astatine a clip erstwhile their electrical vehicles mightiness lone question less than 100 miles earlier needing to beryllium plugged successful again.

image captionSohail and Machrina Ejaz charging their Nissan Leaf astatine Toddington Services

Technology has moved connected since past and the complaint points were successful request of an upgrade according to motorists similar Sohail and Machrina Ejaz, from Southend-on-Sea, successful Essex.

"I deliberation it is decidedly a affirmative mode guardant due to the fact that we utilized to conflict to find a moving charging constituent but present with these upgraded ones I judge much radical tin complaint and prevention time," said Mr Ejaz.

Toddington Harper's older brother, Heston, was named aft Heston services connected the M4 successful London.

The communicative goes that his parents could not determine what to telephone him until they drove past the work presumption connected the mode location from the hospital.

Naturally, erstwhile Toddington was calved they decided to sanction him aft a work presumption too.

"I've heard astir apt each the jokes", helium said arsenic helium laughed disconnected suggestions that helium could person been called Woolley Edge oregon Tibshelf if helium had been calved further north.

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