Drugs: One man dies amid 12 drug overdoses in Swansea

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image captionThere person been 12 overdoses successful the country since Wednesday, according to the wellness board

A antheral has died aft a spate of cause overdoses successful the past week successful Swansea.

South Wales Police are investigating the unexplained decease of a antheral successful the Waun Wen country of the metropolis connected Saturday.

It comes aft a fig of people ended up successful Swansea's Morriston Hospital aft taking what is believed to beryllium a atrocious batch of drugs.

Swansea Bay University Health Board has issued an "urgent informing astir the dangers of taking drugs" aft 12 overdoses successful the country since Wednesday.

The wellness committee had said earlier successful the week that fake medicine anti-anxiety pills - being sold illegally arsenic Valium and Xanax - was thought to beryllium down the origin of the overdoses.

"While initially radical were warned astir fake anti-anxiety drugs perchance being linked to the overdoses, it is inactive not wide what is down the incidents, and different drugs could beryllium involved," the wellness committee has present said .

Several radical had been near seriously sick successful infirmary successful Swansea earlier successful the week and the wellness committee contacted constabulary owed to the fig of overdoses successful a abbreviated abstraction of time.

South Wales Police said the man's origin of decease is "unknown" and officers were "keeping an unfastened mind" astir the circumstances surrounding it.

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image captionSwansea Bay wellness committee had thought fake tablets were being sold arsenic Valium and Xanax

Swansea Bay wellness committee nationalist wellness manager Keith Reid offered his "condolences to the household and friends of the idiosyncratic who has died".

"It's important that we spot cause usage chiefly arsenic a nationalist wellness occupation and recognise its precise existent interaction connected individuals and families successful our communities," helium said.

"This fig of overdose cases successful specified a abbreviated clip is highly concerning and we don't cognize intelligibly yet what cause oregon drugs whitethorn beryllium down it truthful we are advising radical to instrumentality utmost care."

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