Domino’s seeks 8,000 drivers before Christmas rush

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Domino's Pizza says it intends to prosecute much than 8,000 drivers successful the UK and Ireland successful the run-up to Christmas.

The fast-food concatenation has already recruited thousands of workers successful the past twelvemonth oregon truthful to support up with demand.

The latest determination comes arsenic a nationwide shortage of goods conveyance drivers continues to plague the UK economy.

Domino's said it offered bully semipermanent prospects, arsenic much than 90% of store managers had started successful the room oregon arsenic transportation drivers.

It besides stressed that astir of the jobs connected connection were imperishable and not conscionable for Christmas.

However, it whitethorn inactive person a conflict recruiting the workers it needs, according to investigation by occupation tract Indeed.

At the commencement of this month, the stock of searches being made for seasonal roles by jobseekers was 27% little than successful the aforesaid play successful 2019 and down 33% connected its 2018 level.

In June, Domino's said it was hiring 5,000 cooks and transportation drivers, arsenic unit who joined during the pandemic headed backmost to erstwhile roles aft Covid restrictions eased.

Sales surge

Domino's operations manager Nicola Frampton said 2021 had been a engaged twelvemonth for the steadfast truthful far, but the busiest play was "just astir the corner".

"Our transportation drivers are captious to the work we supply our customers and the occurrence of our business, truthful we're truly keen to perceive from those wanting to join."

At the aforesaid time, Domino's said income successful the 13 weeks to 26 September were up 8.8% connected a like-for-like ground to £375.8m.

Orders collected from stores roseate 40.3% and are present astatine 82% of pre-pandemic levels.

The concatenation said it was inactive connected people to unfastened 30 caller stores this year, having opened 5 successful the latest trading period.

The institution said it sold 7 pizzas each infinitesimal implicit the 13 weeks, with online orders peaking astatine 13 a 2nd connected 3 July during England's lucifer against Ukraine successful the Euro 2020 shot tournament.

But it besides warned that proviso concatenation problems and rising unit wages were starting to person an effect.

"We person seen immoderate interaction from the well-publicised pressures connected labour availability and nutrient outgo inflation, which we expect to widen into adjacent year, but proceed to instrumentality proactive, preventative measures to guarantee our world-class proviso concatenation work levels are maintained and that outgo increases are constrained."

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