Did the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 just get better? Official video teases new colors

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Want a Samsung foldable that’s genuinely your own? Soon you whitethorn beryllium capable to bid a Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 and take what colors it comes successful – and we mightiness perceive much astatine adjacent week’s Samsung Unpacked event on October 20.

That’s not according to a rumor oregon leak – that comes from Samsung itself successful a video teaser. The video, bluntly titled ‘Get acceptable to unfold thing unmistakably you,’ shows a trio of aliens spinning a colour instrumentality that changes the hue of their clothes. Not excessively subtle, Samsung.

Presumably, this applies to some the Z Fold 3 and the clamshell foldable Z Flip 3. If you truly wanted to work into the video, lone the aliens’ tops and bottoms are changing, suggesting that prospective buyers volition lone beryllium capable to tinker with the colors connected the backs of the Z Fold 3 oregon apical and bottommost of the Z Flip 3 – nary double-tones, designs, oregon inscriptions. We should besides expect users to beryllium capable to alteration the colour of the hinge, too, though possibly with less options fixed its metallic construction.

Analysis: Color customization, a diagnostic of the past…and backmost again

Most smartphones travel successful a fistful of colors, and the Z Flip 3 is disposable successful respective agleam and pastel hues, but the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 tin lone beryllium bought successful achromatic successful galore markets. Opening up to galore much colors is simply a boon, and hopefully won’t outgo thing other – and is apt thing Samsung is betting volition entice much customers to instrumentality the plunge and wage for the pricier foldable, which starts astatine $1,799 / £1,599 / AU$2,499. (The Z Flip 3 is simply a much comparatively affordable astatine $999 / £949 / AU$1,499, but would surely beryllium much enticing with much colors.)

Of course, Samsung isn’t the archetypal phonemaker to connection a instrumentality successful a customized assortment of colors – for years, Motorola had its ain customization service, Moto Maker, to fto customers prime from a assortment of hues. The 2014 Moto X, for instance, had “18 backmost colors, 7 accents, and 2 beforehand panels,” per The Next Web, though different phones could beryllium likewise customized. But Motorola dilatory phased it out, opting for Moto Mods earlier abandoning those too.

But a instrumentality to existent customizability successful colors would beryllium welcomed by consumers, adjacent if it whitethorn instrumentality much clip to personalize the phones earlier arriving astatine their door. We’ll person to spot conscionable what Samsung has successful caput for its foldables connected October 20.

source: https://www.techradar.com/news/did-the-samsung-galaxy-z-fold-3-just-get-better-official-video-teases-new-colors

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