DICE LA Rebrands While Working On Battlefield 2042, New Project Also In Development

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DICE LA has been hard astatine enactment connected Battlefield 2042 and with a caller task besides successful the works, it's clip for a caller commencement for a agleam future. That's wherefore the workplace has officially rebranded to go Ripple Effect Studios nether the enactment of Christian Grass. In summation to the quality of the caller name, it was besides confirmed that the workplace volition beryllium sharing a archetypal look astatine the "highly-anticipated adjacent large experience" during EA Play connected July 22. 

The workplace itself is 1 that wants to promote much ideas, much innovation. With Battlefield 2042 bringing backmost the bid to what fans loved astir -- state -- this squad wants to research caller ways to bring originative gaming experiences to the world. “At Ripple Effect Studios, innovation and prime are astatine the forefront of each task arsenic adjacent the smallest thought tin alteration the world. This is the defining diagnostic down the studio’s caller name,” said Grass. “We’re truthful arrogant of our enactment arsenic DICE LA and the DICE squad volition everlastingly beryllium a portion of our DNA, but implicit the past 8 years, we’ve developed our ain civilization and our ain mode of doing things. We’re excited to look towards the future, grow the squad and found our ain identity.” 

Respawn Entertainment laminitis Vince Zampella continues connected successful his enactment relation that was cemented successful 2020 to place the operation of Ripple Effect Studios, moving alongside Grass to turn this squad with adjacent much endowment to bring their visions to life. “The workplace has a large way grounds and is acceptable to turn into different stronghold of high-quality games,” said Zampella. "With an astonishing caller field coming to Los Angeles and distant positions available, present is simply a large clip to see joining us."

Both Zampella and Grass wi ll beryllium contiguous during EA Play Live's Spotlight: The Future of FPS, which is going down contiguous astatine 1 p.m Easter. There, they are expected to speech much astir what's successful store for the roadworthy ahead, including talking astir plans for Apex Legends and Battlefield 2042. To ticker on and spot what's connected the way, you tin cheque that showcase retired connected EA's authoritative Twitch transmission here.

Thoughts connected DICE LA's rebranding to Ripple Effect Studios? What bash you anticipation this team's concealed caller task is? Sound disconnected with your thoughts and predictions successful the remark conception below! 

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