Deathloop’s First Major Update Now Live, Adds HDR Calibration, NPC Fixes, And More

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Bethesda has elaborate the archetypal large update for its PlayStation 5 console exclusive title, Deathloop, aptly titled Game Update 1, and it’s present unrecorded in-game. 

It brings with it a bevy of fixes, bug squashes, and more. It’s astir 5GB connected PS5 and 11GB connected PC, and it’s mostly focused connected things similar stableness successful gameplay and caller options for players. One happening trophy hunters are definite to beryllium excited astir is that Game Update 1 fixes issues related to unlocking the Oops bronze trophy and the Deathday Suit metallic trophy

“Game Update 1 improves respective aspects of the gameplay experience, camera smoothness, and NPC behaviors,” Bethesda’s spot notes blog post reads. “It besides resolves respective issues that could origin the crippled to crash.” 

In presumption of changes to NPC behavior, NPC pathing and reactions to Colt person been improved. Plus, Aleksis Dorsey’s reactions person been emphasized, which Bethesda says volition marque it easier for players to place him amongst his enactment guests. 

Elsewhere successful the spot notes, Bethesda says this caller update adds a calibration surface into the game’s options for HDR. It besides adds a caller onscreen poor-connection indicator that lets players cognize erstwhile their online transportation is shaky (which interferes with imaginable invasions by Julianna). Other changes see improved DualSense controller vibrations, improved audio mixing, and immoderate fixes to laser mine, turret, and firework behaviour for some Colt and Julianna players. 

For a afloat breakdown of each the fixes Game Update 1 brings to Deathloop connected some PS5 and PC, caput to Bethesda’s blog post. Read wherefore we gave Deathloop a 9 retired of 10 successful Game Informer’s Deathloop review aft that, and past ticker this occurrence of The Game Informer Show to perceive wherefore Deathloop is simply a Game of the Year contender.

Have you played Deathloop? Were you waiting connected immoderate of these fixes? Let america cognize successful the comments below!

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