Death Stranding Director's Cut's New Trailer Sets A Release Date

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Today’s PlayStation State of Play provided a look astatine the changes coming to Death Stranding Director's Cut arsenic good arsenic a merchandise day of September 24. The caller trailer didn’t tease similar the 1 astatine the Summer Game Fest kickoff, and alternatively got close to the constituent showing disconnected gameplay enhancements and additions each portion leaning into immoderate classical Kojima quirkiness.  

Showing the crippled moving astatine a buttery-smooth 60fps, this caller look astatine Death Stranding’s enhancements for PlayStation 5 calls this mentation “the definitive edition.” Kojima Productions is adding a small much enactment with caller precocious combat mechanics. This includes a flashy melee maneuvers similar precocious genu strikes, cross-body dives and driblet kicks. Sam’s limb assortment is besides growing. He was shown stunning enemies from afar with a caller energy spewing Maser Gun and mowing down foes with an armored mounted instrumentality gun. There’s adjacent a caller firing scope to signifier with the slate of caller and existing weaponry.

Being a Porter, Sam not lone needs weapons for protection, but besides effectual ways to implicit his deliveries implicit immense swaths of America. Luckily, the Director’s Cut has him covered determination arsenic well. Joining the tools this one-man transportation work uses are immoderate caller robotics, 1 of which is simply a enactment skeleton to let for carrying larder loads. Buddy Bot connected the different manus is simply a caller robot person consisting of a brace of cybernetic legs with a level astatine the waist; cleanable for stacking up cargo oregon letting Sam thrust connected himself. Also joining the transportation arsenal is simply a monolithic cargo cannon which tin crook deliveries into immense projectiles for speedy delivery.

Next were shots of a large caller ramp to spot successful the satellite allowing for saccharine motorcycle jumps implicit immense canyons and chasms, and a astonishing racecourse called the Fragile Circuit wherever Sam tin contention against successful vehicles against different player’s ghosts. Even with each the unusual goings connected wrong Death Stranding, this was 1 of the weirder, yet astonishing and amusive additions shown.

Finally, we got a look astatine assorted areas and the committedness of caller communicative missions. Death Stranding Director’s Cut is close astir the country and is disposable for pre-order connected PS5 close this second.

Are the changes to Death Stranding, a crippled our ain Blake Hester says is 1 of the best games of the generation, going to propulsion you successful for the archetypal time? How astir if you’re a lapsed Porter? Let america cognize what you deliberation successful the comments!

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