Day care centres: Reduced hours affecting disabled adults, carers say

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By Nelli Bird
BBC News

media captionHeather Price (R) says time centres are beneficial for some her and her daughter

About 1 1000 radical person signed a petition to afloat reopen time centres for disabled adults.

Sian Thomas, 40, who is mentally and physically disabled, has been visiting Brooklands time centre successful Risca 5 days a week for the past 20 years.

But Covid restrictions connected numbers successful the gathering mean she cannot return, with her full attraction hours reduced from 39 a week to six.

Caerphilly assembly said determination would beryllium nary time centre closures.

image source, Heather Price

image caption"I americium truthful frustrated. It's a fight, ever a fight," says Sian Thomas' mother

Ms Thomas, from Bargoed, has autism and is registered blind. Her disabilities mean she cannot talk and needs assistance with astir aspects of her life, similar getting dressed and eating.

Her mother, Heather Price, said alteration and a deficiency of operation could beryllium worrying.

"She's with friends and radical who cognize her," said Mrs Price, who is besides her daughter's main carer.

"Going to the time centre is my break, it's Sian's break.

"We are distant from each other. When she comes home, she's blessed to travel location and she wants to beryllium with maine and past we bash activities - that's our day."


image source, Mark Robotham

image captionIf services bash not instrumentality to pre-pandemic levels, Michael Robotham mightiness request full-time residential care, his begetter says

For the Robotham household from Caerphilly, immoderate changes to time attraction proviso could person "devastating" consequences connected their 42-year-old son.

Michael is profoundly disabled and successful request of around-the-clock care.

However, his begetter Mark said his reduced time centre attraction hours person had a important interaction connected him.

"It's heart-breaking to ticker my lad time aft time erstwhile he's stuck successful his seat perpetually with the tv on, perpetually rocking due to the fact that helium has to beryllium determination for eight, 9 hours a day," helium said.

"The lone respite helium gets past is erstwhile goes to furniture and past he's stuck successful his furniture for 10 to 15 hours."

image source, Mark Robotham

image captionMichael Robotham utilized to person 30 hours of attraction astatine Brooklands time centre a week, but present lone receives six

Mr Robotham said if they could not get the benignant of assistance they had earlier the pandemic, it mightiness mean his lad would person to determination into residential attraction "sooner alternatively than later".

"It's devastating and I cognize my woman would beryllium perfectly beside herself to person to marque that decision," helium said.

Carers similar Mrs Price and Mr Robotham accidental they person been told by Caerphilly assembly they could spot a determination to community-based care.

This could beryllium taking radical retired buying oregon to a cafe for a mates of hours, alternatively of providing attraction astatine a "fixed base".

When receiving a missive from the assembly asking carers to tick boxes with the activities radical would enjoy, Mr Robotham said it lone served arsenic a "gut wrenching reminder of what my lad has ne'er been capable to do".

image source, Mark Robotham

image captionMark Robotham said the missive was "patronising"

What has the assembly said?

Caerphilly assembly said: "We purpose to connection a time work which is much inclusive, does not trust connected a fixed basal and meets idiosyncratic people's needs much efficaciously successful a greater assortment of ways."

"The work volition beryllium expanded to run 7 days per week, supply accrued opportunities for moving and socialising successful our communities and we volition proceed to connection enactment and activities successful our time centres for those individuals with precocious carnal enactment needs.

"It is important to enactment that each idiosyncratic that uses this work volition beryllium assessed to find however their idiosyncratic needs volition beryllium met present and successful the future."

Philippa Marsden, person of the council, antecedently said time centres would not beryllium closing aft "speculation caused unnecessary concern" and that consultations person been launched with assemblage members astir "how we tin amended our proviso successful the future".

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