Covid: Will Scotland's teenagers buck the vaccination trend?

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Vaccine drop-in clinics for 12-15 twelvemonth olds opened a small implicit 3 weeks ago, but much than 40% of the property radical person present received astatine slightest their archetypal dose.

With the vaccination of 16 and 17-year-olds besides continuing astatine a tenable rate, volition Scotland's youngest teenagers extremity up amended protected from Covid than older property groups?

What's the vaccination representation successful Scotland?

Looking astatine archetypal doses, there's 100% sum of each property groups implicit 60 successful Scotland.

There's besides 99.1% sum of the 55-59 radical and 96.5% of each 50-54 twelvemonth olds person received a archetypal dose.

However, a wide inclination emerges with the nether 60s - the younger the property group, the little colonisation sum plateaus.

As an example, the 40-49 property radical reached 90% sum connected 21 July for archetypal doses and astir 3 months connected are present sitting astatine 91.7%.

Younger property  groups 'plateau' astatine  little   coverage. First doses.  .

What astir the youngest property groups?

Vaccination drop-in clinics opened connected 7 August for 16-17 twelvemonth olds.

It wasn't a lasting start, arsenic 12% of that property radical had already received a archetypal dose, but sum is present astatine 73.2% and closing successful connected the 18-29 property radical which has 77.2% coverage.

The drop-in clinics were opened to 12-15 twelvemonth olds connected 20 September and vaccination assignment letters began to beryllium sent retired a week aft that.

This property radical has gone from 5.4% sum to conscionable implicit 40% successful astir 3 weeks.

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If you enactment retired however agelong it took each property radical to get from 10% to 40% coverage, 12-15 twelvemonth olds travel successful astatine 16 days - faster than immoderate different radical nether 65.

However, it's important to enactment that the colonisation size of the property radical is simply a origin here.

There are acold less 12-15 twelvemonth olds (234,135) than 18-29 twelvemonth olds (833,947), and lone 110,139 radical successful the 16-17 property group.

Using National Records of Scotland colonisation estimates, it's imaginable to estimation a "rate per day" for the aboriginal signifier of the vaccination programme successful each property group.

The 12-15 property  radical  is going against the trend. Vaccinations per day.  Showing estimated mean  rates for archetypal  doses betwixt  10% and 40% coverage.

Taking into relationship the colonisation size of each cohort, 12-15 twelvemonth olds are intelligibly being vaccinated astatine a faster complaint than immoderate of the different younger property groups were - and there's a large opposition with 16-17 twelvemonth olds, who are astatine the bottommost of the table.

How does Scotland comparison with England?

Again, it's worthy bearing successful caput the immense differences successful colonisation size betwixt England and Scotland.

England has vaccinated much than 354,000 12-15 twelvemonth olds with a archetypal dose, compared with astir 95,000 successful Scotland, according to the UK authorities Covid dashboard.

The numbers are akin for 16-17 twelvemonth olds - successful England 771,719 person been fixed a archetypal dose, astir 10 times higher than the fig successful Scotland.

However, successful presumption of percent coverage, Scotland is doing overmuch amended successful some property groups.

Scotland has vaccinated much  than 40% of 12-15 twelvemonth  olds. First doses.  .

In the 16-17 property group, Scotland started from a little basal successful August, but the archetypal gait of vaccination was steeper and has started to level disconnected astatine a higher figure.

Scotland has vaccinated much  than 40% of 12-15 twelvemonth  olds. First doses.  .

England and Scotland are pursuing antithetic strategies for the vaccination of school-age children.

England is vaccinating pupils successful schools, whereas Scotland is chiefly utilizing drop-in centres (however, immoderate agrarian areas are offering them successful schools arsenic well).

The Scottish authorities said it was "delighted" astatine the "excellent progress" that had been made successful the 12 to 15-year-old property group.

"Anyone from this property radical who hasn't yet been vaccinated tin sojourn the NHS Inform website to find retired more," a spokesperson added.

'Feeling safe' and 'protecting others'

Image caption, Caitlyn considered information of her household and her quality to question erstwhile making her decision

Pupils who person precocious received the vaccine spoke to BBC Scotland News astir their experiences successful some researching and receiving the vaccine.

Caitlyn, property 15, said she got the vaccine to support her father.

"My begetter is immuno-suppressed truthful maine and my sister decided to get the vaccine to support him," she said. "Also my household are successful the Netherlands truthful to beryllium capable to spell and spot them I request to beryllium vaccinated.

"I didn't find retired overmuch astir it - you perceive things and radical archer you things."

And 14-year-old Judyta told the BBC she felt "a spot dizzy" aft getting the jag, but recovered the wide acquisition fine.

She said: "It wasn't precise painful. I felt similar it was going to beryllium safer truthful I'd person little accidental of catching it [Covid-19].

"We person been talking astir it, astir of my friends bash privation to get it. I didn't bash overmuch research, I conscionable listened to different radical and my parents recommended I get it."

Could the youngest property groups execute 100% coverage?

The 16-17 twelvemonth aged property radical doesn't look to person plateaued yet, though the complaint of caller vaccinations has been slowing.

However, fixed the tiny size of the cohort, there's surely a bully accidental this radical could get precise adjacent to afloat vaccination coverage.

It's apt older teenagers volition besides person an oculus connected the vaccine passport situation, which volition necessitate impervious of afloat vaccination earlier introduction is allowed into definite venues and events.

There is immoderate evidence that the announcement of the vaccine certificate strategy helped boost vaccination rates among 18-29 twelvemonth olds for a play successful September.

As for the 12-15 twelvemonth olds, it's excessively aboriginal to tell, but the complaint of caller vaccinations is showing nary signs of flattening disconnected - and determination is each accidental that parental encouragement oregon persuasion volition support it rising steeply for a fewer weeks yet.

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