Covid: UK daily cases pass 50,000 for first time since January

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More than 50,000 regular coronavirus cases person been reported successful the UK for the archetypal clip since mid-January.

There were 51,870 cases recorded - the highest fig since 15 January - and 49 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative test.

From Monday, lockdown rules volition extremity successful England - though immoderate guidance volition remain.

Earlier, England's main aesculapian serviceman warned infirmary admissions could deed "scary numbers".

Prof Chris Whitty said the fig of radical successful infirmary with Covid was doubling astir each 3 weeks.

The UK is "not retired of the woods yet" and radical should enactment with caution arsenic restrictions are eased connected Monday, helium added.

The highest fig of regular cases the UK has recorded truthful acold is 68,053 connected 8 January.

Health Secretary Sajid Javid had antecedently warned lawsuit numbers could scope 50,000 a time by 19 July, and arsenic precocious arsenic 100,000 implicit the summer.

Meanwhile, separate Office for National Statistics data suggests Covid infections person risen again successful overmuch of the UK.

Latest figures from swab tests successful the assemblage suggest successful England 1 successful each 95 radical has the microorganism - up from 1 successful 160 successful the erstwhile week.

In Scotland, 1 successful each 90 radical is estimated to beryllium infected, portion successful Northern Ireland it is 1 successful 290 and successful Wales 1 successful 360.

The much infectious Delta variant accounts for astir each case.

It is estimated that conscionable implicit 650,000 people, oregon 1% of the colonisation successful the UK, would person tested affirmative for coronavirus successful the week to 10 July - up from 400,000 radical the erstwhile week.

The ONS says the percent of radical investigating affirmative has "continued to increase" successful England and Scotland, whereas the "trend is uncertain" successful Wales and Northern Ireland.

Passing 50,000 cases a time feels similar a worrying landmark, but is it?

We were past astatine those levels astir the highest of the 2nd question successful January, erstwhile it took a pugnacious lockdown to forestall hospitals buckling.

Cases volition spell adjacent higher. How high? Nobody knows for sure.

Letting this hap is imaginable lone due to the fact that vaccines person transformed the information posed by a summertime wave. Without them, we'd beryllium debating locking down.

Yet vaccines person not eliminated the Covid threat.

Letting the microorganism dispersed could inactive enactment unit connected hospitals, permission radical with agelong Covid and beryllium hugely disruptive arsenic ample numbers of radical request to isolate.

Reaching 50,000 regular cases doesn't mean the aforesaid arsenic it did six months ago, but doesn't mean it volition beryllium creaseless sailing.

As cases rise, much radical are being forced to isolate, with businesses informing of staffing shortages.

More than fractional a cardinal self-isolation alerts were sent to radical utilizing the NHS Covid-19 app successful England and Wales during the archetypal week of July - a emergence of 46% connected the erstwhile week.

Alerts are sent done the app to archer individuals they person been successful adjacent interaction with a affirmative coronavirus lawsuit and should to isolate for 10 days.

The fig of radical being admitted to infirmary with Covid is besides rising - but astatine a overmuch little complaint than during erstwhile waves due to the fact that of the interaction of vaccinations.

More than 46.1 cardinal radical successful the UK person had their archetypal dose of a coronavirus vaccine - 87.6% of adults, portion much than 35.5 cardinal - 67.5% of adults - person had some doses, according to the latest figures.

It comes up of astir each ineligible restrictions connected societal interaction being lifted successful England connected Monday.

Lockdown rules are besides being eased successful Scotland connected the aforesaid date, though determination volition inactive beryllium immoderate curbs, including connected however galore radical tin meet.

In Wales, restrictions are easing somewhat connected Saturday but astir volition stay successful spot until astatine slightest 7 August.

Northern Ireland is owed to assistance much restrictions connected 26 July.

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