Covid: South West to be offered extra support against rising cases

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image captionThe measures travel arsenic Cornwall records the highest Covid complaint successful England

Extra enactment volition beryllium fixed to the South West to tackle a spike successful Covid-19 cases, MP Steve Double has said.

He said MPs were told Devon and Cornwall would go an "enhanced effect area" from Monday.

It means the country volition beryllium offered other resources to assistance with the vaccine roll-out and greater capableness for testing.

He emphasised it was "not a lockdown" and determination would beryllium nary further restrictions connected people's movements.

Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly person the highest Covid complaint successful England with 828 cases per 100,000 radical successful the 7 days to 22 August.

Seven assembly areas successful Devon are besides successful the apical 10 section authorities with the highest rates.

'Not unusual'

Mr Double, who represents the St Austell and Newquay area, said MPs were briefed connected the changes connected Friday morning.

"This is not a lockdown, this is not a precursor to a lockdown, it is thing to bash with immoderate further restrictions.

"This is astir other resources to assistance the NHS and nationalist wellness officials."

Mr Double said the other enactment would bolster the peninsula's investigating and interaction tracing services and besides assistance with the region's connection services.

"This is not unusual, this is not unsocial to Cornwall," Mr Double said.

"In different areas wherever this has happened it's worked... I deliberation we tin beryllium rather assured that's what volition hap present successful Cornwall."

He said further details astir the changes would beryllium released soon.

Elsewhere, surge investigating has taken spot successful Cheshire, Blackpool and Birmingham.

Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care person been approached for comment.

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