Covid: Restrictions ease as Scotland moves to level zero

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Scotland has moved to the lowest level of Covid restrictions arsenic it continues connected its roadmap retired of lockdown.

Until present lone immoderate islands had been successful level zero but the remainder of the state was successful level 1 oregon level two.

The determination to level zero means much radical volition beryllium allowed to conscionable indoors and be weddings and funerals.

However, immoderate limits connected outdoor meetings are to beryllium maintained, and the mandatory usage of look coverings is to stay successful spot for "some time".

Under the level zero rules up to 8 adults from 4 households tin conscionable indoors astatine home, and up to 10 tin conscionable successful a pub oregon edifice - with nary request to pre-book a two-hour slot.

Up to 15 radical from 15 households tin conscionable outdoors, up to 200 tin be weddings and funerals - and brushed play centres tin reopen.

Last week, the rules planned for level zero were modified owed to the dispersed of the much contagious Delta variant.

In airy of precocious lawsuit numbers, hospitality venues volition beryllium required to adjacent astatine midnight and immoderate carnal distancing volition person to beryllium maintained outdoors, with antithetic groups of 15 required to enactment astatine slightest 1m (3ft 3in) isolated successful nationalist spaces - meaning determination whitethorn beryllium limits connected immoderate outdoor events.

A "gradual" instrumentality to bureau moving has present been enactment backmost to 9 August.

New rules for travellers besides travel into force. Fully-vaccinated radical returning from amber database countries (except France) volition not request to quarantine, truthful agelong arsenic they instrumentality a PCR trial aft arrival.

1/ As this illustration shows, cases successful 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 are falling, but inactive excessively high. To speech of time arsenic ‘freedom day’ (🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 lone remember) is not sensible IMO, fixed existent situation. Vaccines going good and bash connection way done - but arsenic we vaccinate, we indispensable easiness up gradually…/

— Nicola Sturgeon (@NicolaSturgeon) July 18, 2021

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On Sunday, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said speech of "Freedom Day" arsenic it has been dubbed successful England, wherever restrictions volition besides easiness connected Monday, was "not sensible" fixed the precocious regular numbers.

Ms Sturgeon tweeted: "Cases successful Scotland are falling, but inactive excessively high.

"To speech of time arsenic 'freedom day' (England lone remember) is not sensible IMO, fixed existent situation.

"Vaccines going good and bash connection way done - but arsenic we vaccinate, we indispensable easiness up gradually."

She added: "If you unrecorded successful oregon visiting Scotland delight abide by remaining information measures."

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image captionSome restrictions connected outdoor gatherings volition continue

The Scottish authorities has said it hopes Scotland tin determination beyond level zero from 9 August - the constituent astatine which the authorities aimed to scrap astir ineligible restrictions.

Ministers besides program to region the broad request for adjacent contacts of those who trial affirmative to self-isolate - arsenic agelong arsenic they person had 2 doses of vaccine - astatine that point.

On Sunday, authoritative figures showed 1,735 caller cases of Covid had been reported successful Scotland successful the erstwhile 24 hours, with 9.8% of tests coming backmost positive.

Hospital numbers fell for a 3rd consecutive time - determination were 511 patients who had precocious tested affirmative connected Saturday with 46 of them receiving intensive care.

No caller deaths of radical with caller affirmative tests were recorded, but the authorities noted registry offices are mostly closed astatine weekends.

Scotland inactive has the highest level of Covid cases successful the UK, according to sampling by the ONS - but the fig of regular cases appears to beryllium connected a downward inclination portion southbound of the borderline it has been rising rapidly.

How agelong has it taken Scotland to get to level zero?

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image captionLevel 4 restrictions came backmost aft Christmas

The UK went into lockdown connected 23 March 2020. Over the summer, this was eased arsenic the fig of cases, infirmary admissions and deaths dropped - and immoderate of our freedoms returned.

But erstwhile cases started to creep backmost up again successful pockets of the country, caller restrictions were introduced astatine the commencement of the autumn.

In October the Scottish authorities published details of its caller five-level alert strategy which came into unit connected Monday 2 November.

Just earlier Christmas, it was announced that a caller much contagious Covid variant - dubbed the Kent strain, though present cognize arsenic the Alpha variant - was causing concern.

It came with informing each of Scotland would person to spell into the apical level of Covid restrictions connected Boxing Day - and that level 4 restrictions whitethorn request to beryllium made adjacent tougher to incorporate its spread.

In May, mainland Scotland - with the objection of Glasgow and Moray - dropped down to level two, with astir islands going into level one. The pursuing period different areas besides dropped down to level one, and galore islands moved to level zero.

But 13 areas - with a combined colonisation of 2.3million successful the cardinal loop - remained successful level two owed to precocious lawsuit numbers.

The full state was owed to determination to level zero connected 28 June but that was delayed owed to the prevalence of a strain archetypal identified successful India, present known arsenic the Delta variant.

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