Covid: People coming into Wales on public transport 'must wear masks'

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image captionFace masks volition proceed to beryllium instrumentality successful astir places for months to travel successful Wales

People travelling into Wales from England volition beryllium told to deterioration look masks by obstruction companies, First Minister Mark Drakeford has said.

Face coverings proceed to beryllium mandatory connected nationalist transport and successful shops successful Wales, portion successful England radical volition conscionable beryllium advised to deterioration them.

Mr Drakeford said it would beryllium "simpler" if the aforesaid face-mask rules were applied crossed the full of the UK.

The ineligible request to deterioration a look covering successful shops, nationalist transport and different enclosed nationalist spaces successful England will extremity connected Monday, with the UK authorities lone advising radical to deterioration masks.

The bulk of Covid rules successful Wales are acceptable to beryllium scrapped from 7 August, arsenic the federation moves into alert level zero.

However, look masks volition inactive beryllium legally required successful shops and astir indoor nationalist places, meaning greater rules volition beryllium present than implicit the borderline successful England.

Speaking connected ITV's Good Morning Britain connected Thursday, Mr Drakeford said it would beryllium "simpler and clearer for everybody" if the UK authorities were to "bring itself successful line" with Wales and Scotland connected look coverings.

"I deliberation it volition beryllium hard for radical successful England to cognize precisely what is required of them," helium added.

Earlier connected Thursday, speaking connected BBC Breakfast, Mr Drakeford said nationalist transport companies would "make definite that radical are alert that erstwhile travelling successful Wales antithetic rules apply".

From Saturday, the numbers of radical who are capable to conscionable up indoors and outdoors volition summation arsenic Wales moves "fully" into alert level one.

The Welsh authorities antecedently took the determination to clasp backmost connected immoderate parts of the level 1 unlocking 4 weeks agone owed to the emergence successful cases due to the fact that of the much transmissible Delta variant.

Social distancing laws successful Wales outdoors volition beryllium scrapped, meaning radical volition beryllium capable to spell wrong 2 metres of radical they bash not unrecorded with - oregon who are not successful their extended households - without breaking Covid laws.

However, portion this means radical volition beryllium capable to hug galore friends - arsenic agelong arsenic they bash truthful extracurricular - for the archetypal clip successful months, the Welsh authorities has urged radical to "exercise caution" erstwhile getting adjacent to those they bash not unrecorded with.

"Coronavirus is inactive circulating successful the assemblage and we would promote everyone to deliberation astir however they tin support themselves and their loved ones," they said.

Also connected Saturday, changes to indoor rules mean immoderate six radical volition beryllium capable to conscionable successful a backstage location - meaning radical tin devour unneurotic and enactment overnight and spell connected vacation together. These radical bash not person to beryllium successful your extended household.

Social distancing laws are acceptable to extremity connected 7 August, erstwhile Wales is acceptable to determination into its existent lowest level of Covid restrictions - known arsenic alert level zero - dependant connected the nationalist wellness situation.

Instead, businesses volition beryllium near to determine if they inactive request to support customers and workers isolated done hazard assessment.

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