Covid passes: What do Swansea and Cardiff City fans think?

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By Joe Langstaffe
BBC Wales News

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Image caption, No fans were allowed successful the stadium erstwhile the derby was past played

Football fans expect "a mixed reaction" to Covid passes for sporting events, arsenic the southbound Wales derby betwixt Swansea and Cardiff City is played connected Sunday.

Since Monday, the walk indispensable beryllium shown to beryllium vaccination, a antagonistic lateral travel trial successful the past 48 hours, oregon having Covid successful the past six months.

It applies to stadiums with a capableness of much than 10,000 people.

About 20,000 supporters are expected astatine the Stadium for Sunday's game.

It is besides the archetypal clip fans volition beryllium capable to be the fixture successful idiosyncratic since January past year, with the past 2 being played down closed doors.

'Better harmless than sorry'

Media caption, Shoppers person shared their views connected vaccine passes successful Wales

Swansea City instrumentality Luke Davies said helium did not person a occupation with the instauration of the Covid pass.

"Personally I think, if you retrieve backmost to past year, determination was a agelong play wherever we couldn't spell to games," helium said.

"The crippled this play is simply a large 1 for the team. We missed retired connected that past year, it's the 1 everyone gets excited for.

"If [showing a Covid pass] means we tin get backmost into the stadiums afloat clip past I'm not bothered by the decision.

"I deliberation it's a lawsuit of amended harmless than sorry. It helps the bigger representation truly and helps get everything backmost to normal."

Image caption, Fan has Covid walk checked by authoritative earlier Sunday's game

But Mr Davies, who besides hosts the Swans Cast supporters podcast, feared it could enactment others disconnected attending.

"I deliberation there's been a spot of a mixed reaction," helium said. "I recognize the vexation for those who chose not to person the vaccine.

"There's a small spot much effort progressive there. They person to trial proving they're antagonistic to get successful and that's a small spot much effort. Some radical volition beryllium blessed conscionable to enactment astatine home, particularly if it's connected TV."

He said immoderate radical had viewed the regularisation arsenic an "extra power connected society".

"I've not truly heard anyone saying 'this is going to marque maine consciousness safer and present I'm blessed to go,' but I've decidedly seen immoderate that are saying 'I don't privation to spell portion this is simply a rule, I won't spell back, refund my play ticket'. That benignant of thing.

"It's a antithetic mode of surviving and I recognize immoderate radical are not going to beryllium capable to set arsenic easy arsenic others, truthful it could decidedly person an interaction [on attendances]."

Fellow Swansea instrumentality Cath Dyer said she was hopeful astir fans would get down the caller requirements.

"It's got to beryllium done, the authorities has been passed, truthful we've got to travel Welsh authorities rules," she said.

"People, hopefully, volition consciousness a spot safer knowing either that they've either been treble jabbed oregon had a lateral travel test.

"Safety is the apical precedence and that's what the nine are moving towards.

"The nine wants everything to tally arsenic smoothly arsenic possible, due to the fact that astatine the extremity of the day, everybody wants to get into the crushed to get each the excitement, the build-up, acceptable for the game."

Image caption, Fan Cath Dyer said information was the apical precedence arsenic Swansea big rivals Cardiff

Some supporters person expressed interest that having to amusement Covid passes earlier going successful could origin disruption, but Ms Dyer said she was assured the nine was good prepared.

"The nine was proactive earlier everything started," she said.

"They gave america plentifulness of informing to get acceptable earlier everything came into effect. Everybody knows they person to person their passports, passports volition beryllium checked.

"It's a 12 o'clock kick-off connected Sunday, but the turnstiles volition beryllium unfastened astatine 10 o'clock to springiness clip for everybody to get successful with their passports."

Will fans miss kick-off?

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But Mr Davies said helium was disquieted immoderate mightiness not person got the message, which could impact what benignant of reception the passes get.

"It mightiness person an interaction connected however agelong it takes you to get into the stadium, however aboriginal you've got to spell down", helium said.

"That volition beryllium interesting, to spot however galore radical miss kick-off, and to spot if their absorption to the rules past mightiness alteration aft that.

"The nine has really communicated astir this and said to carnivore it successful caput and to origin that successful to your timings and travel down a spot earlier, but not everyone is going to spot that.

"I'm not acrophobic due to the fact that I'd marque definite I relationship for that, but I tin wholly recognize sometimes you mightiness conscionable get caught out."

Health Minister Eluned Morgan told Dewi Llwyd connected BBC Radio Cymru that the walk strategy "isn't perfect".

"But we were besides aware, for example, that nightclubs are places wherever tons of young radical congregate, and that determination were nary different measures, oregon a precise tiny fig of different measures to support radical from coming into interaction with another," she said.

"Therefore, this hopefully volition marque a difference, particularly amongst young people," she said.

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