Covid: No freedom for families who catch virus, survivor says

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By Mark Hutchings
BBC Radio 5 Live

media captionBereaved Long Covid subsister asks 'do we truly cognize what we're doing?'

A antheral who mislaid his woman to Covid conscionable weeks aft catching it himself is informing restrictions are being lifted excessively rapidly crossed the UK.

Gwyn Tovey, 72, from Carmarthenshire, is caring for his 94-year-old parent Betty, who besides caught the virus, portion dealing with agelong Covid himself.

He said determination would not beryllium "freedom" for immoderate families who person endured akin trauma.

Most Covid rules volition beryllium scrapped successful Wales from 7 August, erstwhile ineligible limits connected the fig of radical who tin conscionable others volition end.

Face masks volition inactive beryllium required successful astir indoor settings, but successful places specified arsenic pubs, restaurants and cafes.

In England, astir each ineligible restrictions connected societal interaction volition beryllium removed connected 19 July, with Prime Minister Boris Johnson informing the pandemic was "not over" and telling radical to proceed with caution.

image copyrightTovey family

image captionGwyn Tovey said his woman Rita was "queen of her domain" successful her "she shed"

When Gwyn and Rita moved into their caller spot successful the colony of Penygroes a decennary ago, they referred to it arsenic their "forever home".

Then past year, Gwyn, a retired lecturer, took connected part-time warehouse enactment to prevention up to bargain Rita, who was 74, a mobility scooter for Christmas.

"I simply phoned into enactment to accidental 'I've been diagnosed, I volition person to self-isolate for 10 days' and the grade I thought that would spell to was that I would suffer my part-time job," helium said.

But helium mislaid truthful overmuch more.

Four days later, Rita collapsed astatine location with the effects of Covid and, aft 3 weeks, died successful infirmary connected New Year's Day.

Gwyn's mother, Betty, was besides admitted with the microorganism and, astatine 1 point, each 3 were being treated astatine Prince Philip Hospital successful Llanelli.

image captionGwyn Tovey caught Covid conscionable earlier Christmas and his woman died connected New Year's Day

Betty was aboriginal transferred to the town's tract infirmary for recuperating Covid patients.

It's wherever the BBC archetypal met her successful February, connected the time she was discharged to instrumentality to unrecorded with her grieving son.

Y Cwtch, a cafe successful Penygroes, present delivers immoderate of Betty's meals, portion Gwyn prepares the remainder and mostly cares for her, though has his ain problems with complications from thrombosis.

He said helium struggled to unafraid much due residential attraction for his mother.

image captionGwyn's parent Betty says her precocious daughter-in-law was her champion friend

Betty has recovered from the virus, contempt different aesculapian concerns.

"Thank God, I'm feeling better," she said. "I was atrocious to suffer Rita. She was my champion friend."

As for Gwyn: "He's bully arsenic gold. He's a bully boy, a bully son," she laughed, adding: "The mode I brought him up."

With restrictions being lifted astir the UK, Gwyn has peculiar worries.

"I truly deliberation it's excessively soon. People should instrumentality large attraction erstwhile you're talking astir dispensing with look masks successful school, bash we truly cognize what we're doing?

"It's 1 heck of a rush. Do we truly request to propulsion truthful hard to possibly dispense with galore of the benefits that person already accrued?

"Where is state coming from oregon those who spell connected to travel myself, my family, and drawback the aforesaid microorganism and possibly besides person a decease successful the family?"

While helium does his champion to signifier retired a caller life, Gwyn has a cherished memory. Across the plot from the shed helium refers to arsenic the "man cave" is what Rita called her "she shed", which has her initials connected the outside.

A treasured photograph captures a peculiar moment.

"She's lasting determination astatine the door, queen of her domain, looking really," helium took a agelong pause, "really happy. My abiding memory".

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