Covid: Ministers wait to hear if they face quarantine after Javid tests positive

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Ministers and officials are waiting to find retired if they volition person to self-isolate aft Health Secretary Sajid Javid tested affirmative for coronavirus.

It is understood Mr Javid had a gathering with the premier curate connected Friday, hours earlier helium started feeling unwell.

But arsenic of precocious Saturday night, Boris Johnson had not been contacted by NHS Test and Trace.

Case numbers are continuing to emergence up of the lifting of ineligible rules connected societal interaction successful England connected Monday.

The wellness secretary, who has received some vaccine doses, announced a PCR trial had confirmed a affirmative effect helium received by lateral travel test.

Mr Javid, who has described his symptoms arsenic "very mild" truthful far, said helium would proceed to self-isolate and enactment from home.

While social-distancing rules volition extremity connected 19 July, quarantine requirements volition not beryllium eased for different 4 weeks, and guidance volition counsel that look coverings should inactive beryllium worn successful enclosed spaces specified arsenic successful shops and connected nationalist transport.

But the authorities is facing increasing disapproval implicit its plans.

There person been warnings that the UK whitethorn request to re-impose measures successful the autumn with England's lawman main aesculapian officer, Prof Jonathan Van-Tam suggesting a "bumpy winter" could prevarication ahead.

In a video posted connected his Twitter feed connected Saturday, Mr Javid said helium took the lateral travel trial aft feeling "a spot groggy" connected Friday evening.

Mr Javid aboriginal tweeted that the affirmative effect was confirmed by a PCR test, which is checked successful a laboratory.

He urged radical who had not been vaccinated yet to "get retired determination and get them arsenic soon arsenic you can".

Mr Javid besides said radical who consciousness groggy oregon travel into interaction with idiosyncratic who is affirmative should instrumentality a lateral travel test.

Lateral travel tests supply a speedy result, utilizing a instrumentality akin to a gestation trial and are intended for usage successful those without symptoms, according to the NHS. PCR tests are chiefly utilized erstwhile radical person coronavirus symptoms oregon person already had a affirmative lateral travel result, and are sent to laboratories to beryllium checked. The NHS suggests radical bash a lateral travel trial doubly a week to cheque if they person the virus.

BBC governmental analogous Nick Eardley says Mr Javid was successful Downing Street connected Friday and determination are present questions astir who other whitethorn beryllium forced into self-isolation.

In November, Mr Johnson, six Conservative MPs and 2 governmental aides had to aforesaid isolate aft an MP astatine a Downing Street meal meeting tested affirmative for Covid.

The Liberal Democrats said that Mr Javid's affirmative trial shows that "no-one is harmless from this deadly virus" and urged the authorities to reconsider the lifting of measures.

Health spokeswoman Munira Wilson said: "By easing each restrictions with cases surging, they are experimenting with people's lives.

"Right now, they are pursuing a strategy of endurance of the fittest, wherever the young and clinically susceptible volition beryllium near defenceless."

Meanwhile, transport unions person warned determination volition beryllium "dire consequences" successful the adjacent fewer days arsenic corruption rates increase, impacting unit numbers.

It comes aft the Metropolitan enactment connected the London Underground was suspended connected Saturday erstwhile power country workers were contacted done the NHS Test and Trace app to aforesaid isolate.

The UK recorded 54,674 cases connected Saturday - pursuing 51,870 caller cases connected Friday - arsenic good arsenic 41 deaths wrong 28 days of a affirmative coronavirus test.

It is the 2nd time moving that the UK recorded much than 50,000 regular cases - a fig not reached since mid-January.

Scotland volition determination to level zero of Covid restrictions connected Monday, meaning pubs and restaurants tin unfastened until midnight. However, limits connected outdoor meetings volition remain, the instrumentality of workers to offices volition beryllium delayed and look coverings volition inactive beryllium mandatory.

Most Covid rules successful Wales are acceptable to beryllium scrapped from 7 August., but look coverings volition inactive beryllium required successful astir nationalist places and connected nationalist transport.

In Northern Ireland, restrictions volition beryllium eased further connected 26 July, if approved astatine a reappraisal connected 22 July.

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