Covid lockdown in Wales: 'Time to end all restrictions'

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By Owain Clarke
BBC Wales wellness correspondent

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image captionThe nexus betwixt cases, hospitalisations and deaths had "definitely" been broken, Prof John Watkins says

Wales should present assistance each Covid restrictions, a starring adept connected infectious diseases has said.

Prof John Watkins said the nexus betwixt cases, hospitalisations and deaths had "definitely" been broken.

The occurrence of the vaccination programme and wide immunity levels meant it is harmless to extremity lockdown, said the Welsh and UK authorities advisor.

The Welsh authorities volition denote immoderate changes to Covid rules astatine its adjacent reappraisal connected Wednesday.

Latest data from Public Health Wales amusement Covid lawsuit rates successful Wales are astatine 127 cases per 100,000 radical - beneath different UK nations and astir English regions.

The fig of radical admitted to infirmary with Covid besides remained adjacent to grounds debased levels, with the fig of those successful captious attraction besides precise low.

Consultant epidemiologist Prof Watkins, of Cardiff University, said vaccinations had been highly effectual successful preventing superior illness, including against the Delta variant.

"We've got a sizeable magnitude of the big colonisation present vaccinated and we cognize that vaccination reduces transmission arsenic good arsenic reduces adverse events," helium said.

"And we cognize that successful young people, wherever the bulk of infections are occurring astatine the moment, that really they person got acold little chances of adverse events, truthful I deliberation we're astatine a reasonably bully spot to commencement opening up society."

Despite a caller emergence successful the fig of cases, Prof Watkins said the latest wellness modelling suggested Wales was pursuing a "positive trajectory".

The Welsh authorities is nether unit from immoderate aft Boris Johnson said English restrictions could extremity successful July.

Prof Watkins said: "In the words of the premier minister, erstwhile would beryllium the close time?

"It's ever going to beryllium a equilibrium of risk, and I deliberation we've protected the astir susceptible to this virus, and we've got bully grounds that a important proportionality of the UK colonisation has been exposed to the virus, oregon has antibodies to the virus... truthful really we person a colonisation that is reasonably good protected.

"The full thought astir shutting down nine primitively was astir protecting the NHS, and I deliberation the NHS is protected, arsenic acold arsenic you can. So determination comes a constituent wherever we person to commencement surviving with the viral transmission, and I deliberation present is the clip to bash that.

"We request to recognise that the elderly, by and large, are protected."

Prof Watkins added: "In Wales, the numbers of deaths from radical investigating affirmative for the past 28 days person been nary much than 1 oregon 2 a day, and galore days without immoderate [deaths] astatine all. Our hospitals are successful a bully spot successful presumption of cases.

"Over the adjacent mates of weeks, arsenic we commencement to unfastened up and this existent surge of cases passes through, we'll spot whether we're connected the close people - but each the information suggests that we are."

Welsh Health Minister Eluned Morgan has already said the state is going to person to "learn to unrecorded with" coronavirus arsenic ministers see their adjacent move.

Almost 92% of adults successful Wales - including two-thirds of young radical under-25 - now person antibodies to assistance support them against Covid-19, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) estimates.

Dr Watkins said the conception of herd immunity should not beryllium discounted arsenic a "dirty word".

"It's not astir endurance of the fittest and throwing the weakest of the to the wolves," helium said.

"It's really astir the information that the herd protects the weakest and truthful erstwhile you've got a definite level of extortion wrong the population, the microorganism doesn't person precise galore places to go."

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image captionThe adjacent reappraisal of lockdown rules successful Wales is owed connected 15 July

Wearing a disguise volition nary longer beryllium legally required successful astir places successful England from 19 July and volition beryllium a idiosyncratic choice.

Meanwhile successful Wales, the Welsh authorities has said face masks volition proceed to beryllium required by instrumentality successful immoderate places successful Wales, including connected nationalist transport and successful wellness and societal attraction settings, though it is inactive undecided connected whether to proceed mandating them successful shops.

After 16 months of terrible restrictions connected our lives, Prof Watkins said helium believed the shadiness of lockdowns could besides person an adverse effect connected individuals.

"There's different broadside to each this successful that [some] radical are fearful astir going retired and returning to normal," helium said.

"So determination are a full clump of issues, not conscionable astir opening up nine but people's willingness to partake successful that unfastened society. There's a conception of the colonisation that won't."

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