Covid: Isle of Man border policy is discriminatory, petitioner says

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image captionVictoria Hodgson handed implicit a petition astatine the Tynwald Day ceremony

Coronavirus borderline restrictions connected the Isle of Man discriminate against those who are unvaccinated, a petitioner has said.

Under the existent rules, lone fully vaccinated radical tin question freely betwixt the land and the remainder of the Common Travel Area.

Victoria Hodgson said the argumentation had created a "two-tier society".

A authorities spokesperson said the existent rules were "not intended to beryllium a agelong word position".

Those who bash not conscionable the 2 jab criteria indispensable wage for a trial and isolation authorities connected accomplishment connected the island.

Ms Hodgson presented her petition campaigning for changes to the borderline rules astatine this year's Tynwald Day ceremony successful St John's.

It has been supported online by implicit 1,100 people.


Ms Hodgson said the existent rules were "illogical and ineffective" arsenic those who were vaccinated could inactive drawback and transmit Covid-19 but could question freely.

She said: "It's intelligibly discriminatory against the unvaccinated, it creates a two-tier society.

"The unvaccinated look a fiscal and societal outgo having to isolate and trial connected days 1 and six, truthful they're enactment astatine a disadvantage, which I consciousness is unjustified."

A authorities spokesperson said the Council of Ministers was "committed to returning to restriction-free question betwixt the Isle of Man and the remainder of the British Isles" and the existent rules were "not intended to beryllium a agelong word position".

He said determination was "scientific evidence" that afloat vaccination "significantly reduces the likelihood" of idiosyncratic processing superior unwellness from Covid-19 and passing the microorganism on.

Those factors would "play a captious relation successful protecting the Island's wellness services arsenic the authorities continues the managed easing of Isle of Man's borderline restrictions", helium added.

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