Covid infections are high and rising around the UK

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By Michelle Roberts
Health editor, BBC News online

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Covid infections person risen again successful overmuch of the UK, accidental experts from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Latest data from swab tests successful the assemblage suggests successful England, wherever Covid rules are due to beryllium dropped, 1 successful each 95 radical has the virus.

That is up from 1 successful each 160 successful the erstwhile week.

In Scotland, estimates suggest 1 successful each 90 radical is infected, portion successful Northern Ireland it is 1 successful 290 and successful Wales it is 1 successful 360.

The much infectious Delta variant accounts for astir each case.

The information suggest that conscionable implicit 650,000 people, oregon 1% of the colonisation successful the UK, would trial affirmative for coronavirus successful the week to 10 July - up from 400,000 radical the erstwhile week.

The ONS says the percent of radical investigating affirmative has "continued to increase" successful England and Scotland, whereas the "trend is uncertain" successful Wales and Northern Ireland.

Not retired of the woods yet

Sarah Crofts, Head of Analytical Outputs for the COVID-19 Infection Survey, said: "Infections person accrued crossed overmuch of the UK, with England presently astatine levels past seen successful February this year.

"With corruption rates continuing to emergence and restrictions easing, keeping a adjacent oculus connected the information is important to spot however overmuch extortion is provided by the vaccination programmes."

England's Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty has urged radical to enactment with caution arsenic Covid rules relax, saying the UK is "not retired of the woods yet" and that hospitals could look expanding unit from treating patients with the microorganism successful the coming weeks.

Meanwhile, a survey from the ONS suggests two-thirds of the nationalist program to support wearing look coverings successful shops and connected nationalist transport.

Over fractional of adults said they were looking guardant to going connected vacation overseas erstwhile coronavirus rules end.

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