Covid in Scotland: Tayside warning over young patients in intensive care

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image captionYoung adults connected Tayside are being urged to get vaccinated arsenic soon arsenic possible

NHS Tayside has urged 18-29 year-olds to get vaccinated amid a surge successful Covid cases that has enactment immoderate young patients successful intensive care.

The portion has the highest Covid complaint successful Scotland and been one of the worst affected successful Europe successful caller weeks.

Ninewells Hospital successful Dundee has had to unfastened different captious attraction ward to accommodate Covid patients.

And determination are said to beryllium young radical among those being treated successful intensive attraction and precocious dependency units.

Ninewells had nary Covid patients successful April but connected Thursday of this week it had 58, with 11 of them successful the captious attraction unit.

Dr Emma Fletcher - Tayside's manager of nationalist wellness - said the concern was "exceptionally serious" and urged radical aged betwixt 18 and 29 to get themselves vaccinated.

In a video message, she said: "This is the highest fig of patients we person had since 12 February and our complaint per 100,000 colonisation is much than 10 times what it was conscionable a fewer weeks ago.

"Unfortunately determination are young radical close present with Covid successful Ninewells - not lone successful our wide wards, but besides successful our intensive attraction portion and our precocious dependency unit.

"So contiguous we person a elemental plea: Please spell and get your vaccination."

Scotland has Europe's highest Covid corruption  rates. Cases per 100,000 implicit    past  14 days.  .

It comes arsenic experts from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) accidental that for the week to 3 July, one successful 100 radical successful Scotland has Covid - up from 1 successful 150 and the highest level since the week to 16 January.

The caller surge successful cases crossed Scotland appearing to person stabilised somewhat this week, however, Dr Fletcher said the fig of radical investigating affirmative successful Tayside remained successful the hundreds each day.

She added: "One of the biggest reasons that I americium acrophobic is that having precocious numbers of cases successful the assemblage has a large sound connected effect connected our hospitals arsenic it inevitably results successful much radical requiring infirmary care."

The caller ward astatine Ninewells has the capableness to dainty a further 30 Covid patients.

Other wellness boards are besides nether unit owed to the caller spike successful lawsuit numbers.

NHS Lanarkshire said it is considering scaling backmost non-urgent procedures due to the fact that of "workforce pressures" and rising Covid admissions.

Raigmore successful the Highlands, Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Dr Gray's Hospital successful Elgin, Moray, person each postponed each non-urgent procedures aft being placed successful "code black" status.

'Unprecedented numbers'

Meanwhile, the Scottish authorities has confirmed further unit volition beryllium deployed implicit the coming week to bolster the Test and Protect interaction tracing system.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf believes caller changes are helping its show and it is present contacting "unprecedented numbers" of people.

He said: "This other workforce is important, but the occurrence of the strategy going guardant volition not simply beryllium astir staffing numbers.

"Test and Protect volition alteration arsenic the colonisation becomes much protected by vaccination and it volition inactive play a cardinal relation successful mitigating clusters and outbreaks successful precocious hazard settings, slowing corruption dispersed and protecting populations astatine risk."

Mr Yousaf said substance messages are present being utilized to interaction little hazard cases successful bid to prioritise calls for higher hazard cases.

He added: "I'm assured that the show of Test and Protect has started to amended successful caller days."

The Scottish Conservatives accused the SNP of allowing the strategy to get "completely overwhelmed" earlier taking action.

The party's wellness spokeswoman, Annie Wells, warned that the problems could hold lockdown easing plans.

Ms Wells said: "They took their oculus disconnected the shot astatine a captious infinitesimal and failed to assets the strategy to header with a surge successful cases successful Scotland.

"SNP ministers are present performing a U-turn and playing catch-up to effort and halt immoderate further and dispersed of Covid, up of the planned easing of restrictions successful the coming weeks.

"It is connected their ticker that much unit weren't already recruited to guarantee Test and Protect was inactive moving robustly, which is threatening to enactment the relaxation of restrictions astatine hazard for radical and businesses."

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