Covid in Scotland: Sturgeon to announce decision on restrictions

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image captionMinisters anticipation advancement with the vaccine programme means restrictions tin beryllium eased

Nicola Sturgeon is to corroborate whether Scotland's Covid-19 restrictions tin beryllium eased arsenic planned successful the coming weeks.

The Scottish Parliament is to beryllium recalled from recess for a connection from the archetypal curate astatine 14:00.

The authorities had acceptable a people of moving the full state to level zero from 19 July, earlier lifting astir ineligible restrictions from 9 August.

However the state has since been deed by a record-breaking question of infections which has enactment unit connected NHS services.

Ministers said they believed the peak of the latest question had passed. Ms Sturgeon said she was hopeful that immoderate changes could spell up arsenic planned.

She is gathering her furniture to reappraisal the latest information connected Tuesday greeting earlier announcing the determination to MSPs successful the afternoon.

Different Covid-19 restrictions are successful unit crossed Scotland, with areas successful the cardinal loop including Glasgow and Edinburgh successful level 2 and different areas similar Aberdeenshire, Fife and the Highlands successful level one.

Orkney, Shetland and galore land communities are already successful level zero. Ms Sturgeon had acceptable a people of moving the full state to this level connected 19 July - the aforesaid day arsenic most restrictions volition beryllium lifted successful England.

This would spot the fig of radical who are allowed to conscionable up indoors accrued to 10 adults from 4 households, and carnal distancing requirements cut.

The archetypal curate said she wanted to determination "beyond level zero" by scrapping the bulk of ineligible restrictions from 9 August, portion maintaining immoderate mitigations specified arsenic the usage of look coverings successful enclosed areas.

She warned that these dates were "not acceptable successful stone" aft Scotland was deed by a question of caller infections which astatine 1 constituent saw the state person the worst regular lawsuit rates successful Europe.

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image captionMs Sturgeon was hopeful that immoderate level changes could spell up arsenic planned

A further 2,134 caller cases of Covid-19 were reported connected Monday - down connected figures from caller weeks, but inactive with 11% of tests coming backmost positive.

However, the fig of radical successful infirmary has not risen arsenic dramatically, with ministers saying the vaccine programme had "weakened" the nexus betwixt catching the microorganism and becoming earnestly ill.

Ms Sturgeon suggested that the plans could beryllium modified, saying the authorities could perchance "proceed with immoderate planned changes but clasp backmost connected others".

This led to claims that Scotland could beryllium heading for a "level 0.5", with absorption leaders saying this would make uncertainty for radical and businesses that had been making plans based connected the existent timetable.

The archetypal curate said that "this is simply a clip for attraction and caution", adding: "Over the adjacent fewer weeks arsenic we implicit the vaccination programme, it is truly important that we don't fto the microorganism outrun us."

And she raised questions astir the UK government's attack of lifting astir restrictions from 19 July, saying this was "something of an exception" erstwhile viewed "against the backdrop of sharply expanding lawsuit numbers".

image captionMinisters accidental the highest of the latest question of cases whitethorn person passed

The Scottish Parliament is presently successful recess for the summertime break, but volition beryllium recalled for the virtual league astatine 14:00. It volition springiness absorption leaders the accidental to question the archetypal curate connected her plans.

The Scottish Conservatives privation the authorities to property guardant with plans for easing restrictions, saying the state indispensable "keep moving forward".

Party person Douglas Ross said ministers had failed to boost the vaccine programme and the Test and Protect system, but said "the nationalist should not beryllium punished" for this.

He added: "If Tuesday's connection does not present a program of enactment for tackling the microorganism and a wide timetable for exiting restrictions, Nicola Sturgeon risks losing nationalist buy-in. "

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image captionHolyrood is being recalled for a virtual league for the Covid-19 update

Scottish Labour wants the clip betwixt vaccine doses chopped to 4 weeks and other resources directed to the interaction tracing system.

Deputy person Jackie Baillie said the authorities had "lost power of the pandemic" and indispensable instrumentality "immediate action".

She said: "We are astatine a important infinitesimal successful the pandemic - it's astir clip we showed the urgency and ambition that we need."

Meanwhile, the Scottish Greens called for a cautious approach, with co-leader Lorna Slater saying the authorities should "take a safer, much gradual attack until the vaccine programme is further on".

And Scottish Lib Dem person Willie Rennie said Ms Sturgeon indispensable acceptable retired "concrete enactment and urgent changes astir the rules and expectations for self-isolation" amid concerns astir unit shortages successful hospitals.

Ms Sturgeon has said the authorities is reviewing rules for self-isolation and quarantine, though it is not known if a determination volition beryllium announced connected Tuesday.

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