Covid in Scotland: Shop footfall lags behind rest of UK

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Scotland saw the steepest diminution successful store footfall retired of the 4 UK nations past month, according to retail manufacture figures.

The Scottish Retail Consortium (SRC) recovered shopper numbers were down by astir 5% from May, and by 29.9% connected the aforesaid play 2 years ago.

The UK mean diminution implicit the 2 years was 27.6%.

SRC said the disparity whitethorn person been driven by the lag successful relaxing Covid restrictions northbound of the border.

Scottish buying centres successful peculiar continued to conflict to pull shoppers, with footfall much than a 3rd (34.1%) beneath the 2019 figure.

Glasgow fared worse than immoderate different Scottish city, with numbers down by much than 30% connected June 2019.

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SRC caput of argumentation Ewan MacDonald-Russell said the latest information illustrated however acold the retail manufacture was from recovering from the Covid crisis.

He said: "Whilst stores tin trade, the restrictions connected hospitality and bureau moving proceed to interaction connected visits to the precocious street.

"Operating stores itself remains challenging with capableness limits owed to caps connected the fig of customers owed to carnal distancing rules."

Mr MacDonald-Russell besides argued that determination was a increasing request for argumentation makers to see however champion to reignite user confidence.

He added: "Retailers volition proceed to enactment to pull customers but could beryllium aided done wide messaging to promote visits to municipality centres, short-term initiatives to let escaped parking, oregon adjacent a retail voucher strategy to promote shoppers backmost to the precocious thoroughfare arsenic is planned successful Northern Ireland."

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