Covid in Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon says surge in cases may be levelling off

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The caller surge of Covid-19 cases successful Scotland whitethorn beryllium levelling off, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said.

A further 2,802 affirmative cases were recorded connected Thursday, with Ms Sturgeon saying determination was an "apparent slowdown" successful the emergence successful infections.

She said this gave her origin for optimism that Scotland tin determination to level zero of restrictions connected 19 July.

However she stressed that measures specified arsenic the usage of look masks and carnal distancing volition stay for immoderate time.

The Scottish Parliament volition beryllium recalled from recess adjacent Tuesday for Ms Sturgeon to denote whether the easing of restrictions volition spell up arsenic planned.

The 2,802 affirmative tests announced connected Thursday represents a driblet from the 3,799 logged connected Wednesday.

A full of 401 radical are successful infirmary with the virus, with 38 successful intensive care, portion a further 4 deaths person been registered.

Case numbers are present 1,432 little than they were past Thursday, portion the seven-day mean besides appears to amusement a slowdown successful the emergence of affirmative cases.

Ms Sturgeon said determination was a "suggestion that the caller surge successful cases whitethorn beryllium to immoderate grade levelling disconnected now".

However, she said figures remained worryingly precocious and could inactive enactment unit connected the wellness service.

She said: "We progressively perceive speech of learning to unrecorded with the virus, which we each privation to beryllium capable to do.

"It is existent that we can't unrecorded a restricted mode of beingness everlastingly arsenic that successful itself affects our wellness and wellbeing, and vaccines are offering america an alternate mode forward.

"However, that tendency to conscionable unrecorded with it cannot mean we simply propulsion caution to the upwind and nary longer interest astatine each astir rising levels of infection."

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The Scottish government's way representation retired of lockdown would spot the full of the state determination to level zero of restrictions connected 19 July, earlier scrapping astir ineligible curbs altogether connected 9 August.

A determination is to beryllium taken connected the archetypal measurement connected 13 July, and Ms Sturgeon said this would beryllium based connected a cautious valuation of the latest data.

She added: "I precise overmuch anticipation we volition beryllium capable to determination up arsenic planned, and the evident slowdown successful lawsuit numbers gives maine much origin for optimism astir that than I mightiness person had a week ago."

However, the archetypal curate stressed that Covid "is going to beryllium astir for immoderate clip to come", and said this meant immoderate curbs would person to remain.

She said: "Its important I deliberation to punctual each of america that a determination to level zero does not mean the contiguous extremity of each restrictions.

"Many of the baseline measures similar look coverings, carnal distancing, manus hygiene and advising connected ventilation, these are going to proceed to beryllium important mitigations to support america and others from the microorganism for immoderate clip yet.

"No substance what our determination is adjacent week, determination won't beryllium an abrupt extremity to these basal protective measures erstwhile we bash determination to level zero."

Scottish Conservative MSP Craig Hoy said continuing uncertainty implicit what restrictions would easiness and erstwhile were not helping people's business, vacation oregon wedding plans.

And helium said it was "not bully enough" that adjacent week's connection would travel conscionable six days earlier the changes are owed to travel into force.

Ms Sturgeon said her authorities was presently reviewing its argumentation connected self-isolation rules, including for workplaces and travellers, and would denote the result shortly.

The UK authorities has announced that fully-vaccinated radical arriving successful England from amber question database destinations will nary longer person to quarantine from 19 July.

The archetypal curate besides acknowledged the increasing unit connected the NHS amid precocious lawsuit numbers, contempt a little proportionality of radical requiring infirmary care.

Two hospitals successful the northbound eastbound of Scotland person reached afloat capacity, with calls for non-urgent procedures to beryllium cancelled to easiness the strain connected services.

Hospitals are nether unit but it is antithetic this time. Despite soaring lawsuit numbers, acold less radical are ending up successful infirmary with Covid. There's besides immoderate grounds that they don't request attraction for arsenic long.

But hospitals are busier present than past twelvemonth erstwhile galore different procedures were postponed.

Health boards accidental the numbers of non-Covid patients they are seeing implicit summertime is equivalent to that usually experienced successful the busier wintertime months. Figures from Public Health Scotland amusement exigency departments faced their busiest ever May, with much than 112,563 attendances.

Add into that less disposable beds due to the fact that of distancing requirements, juggling unit leave, unit sickness and self-isolation, and the already precocious vacancy rates successful immoderate areas. It doesn't instrumentality overmuch earlier hospitals are astatine afloat stretch.

As ever, the NHS has to prioritise those astir successful request of attraction and that means immoderate are already having to postpone non-urgent surgery.

The large load connected the NHS during this question whitethorn crook retired not to beryllium Covid patients themselves but the wider impacts of the full pandemic.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said the remobilisation of the wellness work - with procedures delayed owed to the pandemic present starting up again - meant hospitals were busier than mean with non-Covid work.

He added: "What I'm proceeding from colleagues is overmuch much successful the mode of precise analyzable and often rather unwell radical who are presenting, peculiarly either successful community-based services oregon astatine exigency departments, with unwellness which necessitates infirmary admittance and wherever the magnitude of enactment is somewhat longer.

"We are besides seeing accrued respiratory infections, peculiarly successful younger children wherever we cognize we person an upsurge successful parainfluezna, a benignant of viral infection, and that is having an sound connected effect connected radical presenting to GPs and exigency departments with unwell children."

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