Covid in Scotland: Nearly a third of young adults still unvaccinated

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image captionBy the extremity of Sunday, adults successful Scotland volition person been offered a Covid vaccine

Almost a 3rd of younger adults are inactive unvaccinated contempt each over-18s being offered a archetypal dose vaccine assignment by the extremity of Sunday.

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said immoderate had re-arranged appointments and would person the jab shortly.

National objective manager Prof Jason Leitch said past week that uptake of the vaccine among 18-29 twelvemonth olds had been slower than for different property groups.

It is hoped each adults volition person been offered a 2nd dose by 12 September.

People successful the 18-29 property scope person been the past radical to beryllium offered a coronavirus vaccine.

Last period First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said each adults would person had a vaccine assignment scheduled by 18 July, 2 weeks earlier than antecedently planned.

But portion uptake of the vaccine has been precise precocious successful Scotland overall, it appears to person been slower for younger adults.

The astir caller figures, published by Public Health Scotland connected Saturday, showed that 31.6% had inactive not had their archetypal dose of a vaccine, which suggests much than 260,000 younger adults person nary extortion whatsoever.

Only a 5th (20.2%) of this property radical person had some doses.

Since May, the authoritative proposal has been that under-40s should beryllium offered an alternate to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, aft a nexus with uncommon humor clots was identified.

Mr Yousaf said everyone who had taken up their connection of a vaccine was "playing their portion successful helping america retired of the pandemic", and urged anyone who had not yet travel guardant to bash truthful now.

He added: "All of the grounds says that the vaccines are moving arsenic we proceed to conflict the faster-transmitting Delta variant which is present dominant, truthful I impulse everyone to instrumentality vantage of the vaccination programme which is unfastened to each big successful Scotland.

"We person made getting a vaccination easier than ever - caput to 1 of the drop-in clinics being offered crossed the state or, if you prefer, publication an assignment online astatine NHS Inform."

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image captionA wide vaccination run has been taking spot crossed the UK

Meanwhile, NHS Grampian has announced that proviso issues person forced it to suspend drop-in vaccinations utilizing the AstraZeneca vaccine astatine the P&J Live wide vaccine centre successful Aberdeen.

Scheduled archetypal dose appointments for the AstraZeneca jab and drop-ins utilizing antithetic vaccines are inactive going ahead.

The Scottish authorities said the venue would beryllium handed backmost truthful preparations could beryllium made for the COP26 clime alteration conference, and appointments volition beryllium offered astatine alternate clinics.

Official figures published connected Saturday showed that 3,970,026 radical person received the archetypal dose of Covid vaccine and 2,954,776 person had their 2nd dose.

The landmark of each adults being offered a vaccine comes up of Scotland's Covid rules easing further connected Monday, erstwhile the full state volition beryllium successful level zero.

It volition mean up to 8 radical from up to 4 households tin conscionable indoors astatine home, and up to 10 radical from up to 4 households tin conscionable successful a nationalist indoor space.

Up to 15 radical from up to 15 households tin conscionable outdoors - whether successful a backstage plot oregon nationalist place.

However, masks volition proceed to beryllium compulsory connected nationalist transport and successful shops "for immoderate time" successful Scotland, and for present radical are inactive being advised to enactment from home.

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