Covid in Scotland: 'Heartless' quarantine decision to be re-examined

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By Connor Gillies
BBC Scotland news

image copyrightSoutar family

image captionThe Soutar household person appealed for dada Iain to beryllium rapidly reunited with some of his daughters

Scotland's wellness caput has ordered a reappraisal of the lawsuit of an expat pistillate pleading to beryllium reunited with her terminally-ill father.

Laura Souter, who works successful Dubai, is quarantining successful Majorca aft the Scottish authorities refused to exempt her from self-isolation rules.

Iain Soutar is receiving palliative attraction aft being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

The household fearfulness Laura's instrumentality could beryllium excessively precocious to springiness her dada "a last hug".

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf told BBC Scotland helium had asked his squad to look again astatine the lawsuit with the "urgency this requires".

image captionLaura Soutar says she is facing unbearable accent due to the fact that of her situation

If Laura, who is afloat vaccinated, returns to Scotland instantly she would person to restart her 10-day isolation play successful a hotel, and would lone beryllium allowed to marque a sojourn to her begetter earlier returning to self-isolation.

But if she completes her 10-day isolation successful Majorca, she would not get successful Scotland until Tuesday and says the hold has been unbearable arsenic her begetter whitethorn lone person days to live.

Iain's loved ones were antecedently told by Scottish authorities officials their lawsuit did not merit an exemption to the rules.

'Heartbreaking case'

The Scottish Conservatives person branded the determination "heartless" and are demanding an contiguous U-turn to let Laura to alert backmost to Scotland.

Party person Douglas Ross said: "This is simply a heartbreaking lawsuit and the authorities has to beryllium much flexible successful situations similar this. There are times wherever it's close to marque an exemption and this is undoubtedly 1 of those uncommon instances.

"Refusing to springiness Laura the accidental to hug her begetter and beryllium with her household passim this hard clip is heartless. This determination indispensable beryllium changed immediately, earlier it's excessively late."

In an interrogation with BBC Scotland, Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said: "My bosom goes retired to the Soutar family. Having seen the lawsuit highlighted, I person asked the squad who look astatine the decisions connected exemptions to look astatine the lawsuit again and reappraisal it.

"Government ministers don't marque those decisions and don't thin to intervene successful exemption decisions due to the fact that we get truthful galore of them.

"I americium asking the squad with the urgency this requires to look again astatine this case."

'We don't person clip to waste'

Laura's sister Rebecca McCarron, who is astatine location with her begetter successful Milngavie, East Dunbartonshire, welcomed the improvement but warned a speedy determination was vital.

She told the BBC: "We are grateful to Mr Yousaf for looking successful to our lawsuit further but we don't person clip to waste. We request a determination arsenic soon arsenic possible.

"These days are important for america and thing that tin assistance Laura get home, adjacent a time earlier, would mean the satellite to my family.

"We consciousness compassion needs to beryllium shown fixed Laura is afloat vaccinated."

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