Covid in Scotland: Health experts 'resigned' to increased pressure on NHS

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Health experts are "resigned" to spiralling Covid cases putting much unit connected wellness services successful the coming weeks, it has been claimed.

Official figures show that, for the week to 3 July, 1 successful 100 radical successful Scotland had Covid.

That was up from 1 successful 150 and the highest level since aboriginal 16 January.

There is present increasing interest that precocious lawsuit numbers volition pb to accrued numbers of patients successful Scotland's hospitals.

Professor Jackie Taylor, who is president of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, told BBC Scotland that "we are successful for a precise challenging time" arsenic restrictions are further eased.

The RCPSG is simply a subordinate of the Academy of Medical Royal Colleges which has warned the Covid concern volition get worse earlier it gets better.

Prof Taylor said: "There is encouragement if we look astatine the seven-day data, suggesting things whitethorn beryllium opening to level off.

"But implicit the adjacent mates of weeks...we volition truly spot the interaction of those precise precocious numbers of cases from 7 to 10 days ago.

"Clinicians are concerned. They are, I think, resigned to seeing immoderate precise precocious levels of enactment successful superior and secondary attraction implicit the adjacent mates of weeks. They person that consciousness of 'here we spell again'.

"However, I deliberation we are assured it won't beryllium arsenic atrocious arsenic it was earlier successful the year. We're not seeing the benignant of interaction connected infirmary services yet that we saw then."

Staff absences

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said connected Thursday that she believed the caller surge of Covid-19 cases successful Scotland whitethorn beryllium levelling off.

It came aft a further 2,802 affirmative cases were recorded - astir 1,000 down connected the erstwhile day.

The latest figures amusement that fig dropped to 2,190 successful the 24 hours to 14:00 connected Saturday.

image captionProf Jackie Taylor much hospitals volition beryllium enactment nether unit by unit shortages arsenic good arsenic dealing with Covid cases

Three hospitals were placed connected "code black" status past week, having reached afloat capableness owed to a emergence successful Covid cases.

NHS Grampian said Aberdeen Royal Infirmary and Dr Gray's Hospital successful Elgin, Moray, had postponed each non-urgent procedures.

NHS Highland had antecedently confirmed Raigmore Hospital successful Inverness had been enactment connected the aforesaid status.

The wellness boards blamed mounting pressures including unit absences owed to self-isolation requirements.

NHS Grampian has warned that clearing the backlog of infirmary operations caused by the pandemic volition instrumentality years and that the existent question of coronavirus cases had near unit "exhausted".

Professor Jackie Taylor said hospitals and superior attraction were already nether immense unit which volition lone beryllium heightened arsenic lawsuit numbers rise.

She said: "Staff shortages are having a large interaction successful definite wellness boards, and we whitethorn good spot much wellness boards being affected.

"That is simply due to the fact that we are seeing precocious rates of transmission successful the assemblage and much radical being adjacent contacts of idiosyncratic who has Covid - adjacent if they are double-vaccinated."

image captionNHS Highland said Raigmore staffing and services were nether important pressure

The Scottish Parliament volition beryllium recalled from recess connected Tuesday for Nicola Sturgeon to denote whether the easing of restrictions volition spell up arsenic planned.

The Scottish government's way representation retired of lockdown would spot the full of the state determination to level zero of restrictions connected 19 July, earlier scrapping astir ineligible curbs altogether connected 9 August.

Ms Sturgeon has said her decisions would beryllium based connected a cautious valuation of the latest data.

Prof Taylor told the BBC it was cardinal that radical continued to behave responsibly, careless of immoderate relaxation successful societal guidelines.

She said: "We are acrophobic that determination are misconceptions successful sections of the colonisation that the 19th truly is state time and that we tin propulsion caution to the winds. What we truly request bash is to promote radical to enactment successful a considerate way.

"We each privation to unrecorded much freely, much normally, but we request to beryllium precise wide astir the information that Covid-19 is precise overmuch inactive successful our midst.

"We cognize cases are rising and we cognize services are nether pressure. So it's truly important that the behaviour that we each adopt, immoderate happens successful presumption of relaxation of restrictions, is cautious and cautious and considerate."

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