Covid in Scotland: GPs 'firefighting' to cope with backlog in care

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Scotland's GPs are "firefighting" to drawback up with the immense backlog successful non-Covid attraction caused by the pandemic, it has been claimed.

Health work providers crossed the state person been informing that they are being stretched to the limit.

Three hospitals were placed connected "code black" status past week, having reached capableness owed to a emergence successful Covid cases.

GPs accidental they are present facing adjacent greater strain arsenic much patients crook to their section surgeries for support.

It comes arsenic the the Scottish authorities announced £12m successful further backing to wellness boards crossed Scotland to enactment non-Covid exigency care.

Glasgow GP Dr Punam Krishan told BBC Radio Scotland's Sunday Show determination had been "no stop, nary break, nary respite" for exhausted healthcare workers.

She said: "We've been trying to manage, arsenic champion we can, each non-Covid care. We are playing catch-up portion trying to enactment our patients with each the caller issues of agelong Covid and intelligence health.

"We are taking the bulk of everything that's coming our way. Patients can't get infirmary appointments oregon determination are agelong waiting lists and they autumn backmost to america GPs."

Dr Krishan added: "We are conscionable trying our champion to firefight, hoping that astatine immoderate constituent we'll beryllium capable to get a spot of air."

Health Secretary Humza Yousaf said it was hoped the other £12m would assistance enactment measures successful spot to trim waiting times for urgent oregon exigency treatment.

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image captionThe Scottish authorities said the caller backing added to £380m already provided during the pandemic

The contiguous absorption volition besides beryllium connected boosting staffing levels and disposable beds, helium said.

Mr Yousaf added: "We are moving intimately with those wellness boards experiencing the top challenges to guarantee the backing delivers the improvements required.

"Our NHS unit proceed to enactment tirelessly to respond to the pandemic whilst providing captious non-Covid attraction and harmless diligent care.

"Any reductions to work volition beryllium short-term to guarantee those of astir captious request person contiguous aesculapian attention.

"Urgent treatment, including captious crab treatment, volition proceed during this challenging period."

Support and help

The wellness caput told the Sunday Show that the Scottish authorities had already provided wellness boards with £380m to assistance with pandemic costs, including PPE and the ongoing vaccination programme.

But Dr Krishan said much enactment besides needed to beryllium done "with GPs connected the ground".

She said: "We've got flu play coming upon america present and it's conscionable a consciousness of 'here we spell again'.

"Now we've got boosters connected the country too. That connection needs to travel to america good up of it really happening. And who is going to supply that?

"We request the enactment and assistance - we request to beryllium seen arsenic quality beings arsenic well."

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