Covid in Scotland: 'Get fully vaccinated if you want to travel'

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image captionAnyone travelling to the Balearic Islands volition person to beryllium double-vaccinated to debar quarantine connected return

People yet to instrumentality up a Covid vaccine are being told planetary question volition beryllium hard without it.

The Balearics person been added to the amber list from Monday, meaning lone the afloat vaccinated and children volition beryllium capable to instrumentality to the UK without going into quarantine.

Scotland's vaccine rates person slowed since absorption moved to 18-29s.

National objective manager Prof Jason Leitch said question was different inducement for the cohort to get jabbed.

It was announced connected Wednesday that Ibiza, Majorca, Menorca and Formentera were being moved onto the amber question database for England. The Scottish and Welsh governments followed suit and Northern Ireland is expected to articulation them.

The rules instrumentality effect from 04:00 BST connected Monday - 15 days aft they were moved to the greenish watchlist.

The summation of fashionable vacation destinations to the amber database makes the request to person some Covid jabs much pressing for those who bash not privation to person to self-isolate.

Prof Leitch told BBC Radio's Good Morning Scotland programme: "We can't committedness radical that erstwhile they question the rates won't change. But we person to beryllium capable to halt the importation of cases and this is simply a effect of that nationalist wellness advice.

"It is simply a analyzable determination and not 1 we similar to take. I emotion to travel. I would emotion to beryllium going overseas this summer, and for concern successful the autumn, but I deliberation that is getting unlikely."

He said the concern should promote the uptake of vaccines successful the little property groups, which has truthful acold been slow.

"My proposal to everybody implicit 18 is, if question is an inducement for you, past present is different crushed - if you needed different crushed different than the unwellness - to get yourself vaccinated," helium said.

Holiday bargain present 'out of control'

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image captionArrivals successful Majorca amusement impervious of vaccination

Lisa Rickard is owed to beryllium going to Majorca successful 3 weeks' time.

"It was expected to beryllium an impromptu household vacation but it has grown arms and legs and turned into an implicit nightmare," she said.

"I booked for myself and my 4 children to spell to Majorca connected 4 August conscionable for 1 week.

"But present plans are up successful the aerial due to the fact that I americium not afloat vaccinated and neither are my children. I person to inquire enactment for other clip disconnected to quarantine. It could mean maine having to instrumentality 3 weeks disconnected work.

"The guidelines are not wide if my children volition person to isolate disconnected schoolhouse erstwhile we travel home. Up until yesterday it wasn't wide if children nether 11 would request to instrumentality PCR tests."

The wide outgo of the vacation has gone up - with an other £325 each for Lisa and her 2 teenage sons conscionable for tests. And the determination to the amber database has meant an other £170 each for the time 2 and time 8 tests.

She said: "I booked it past week and the flights were truthful cheap. I thought I had grabbed a bargain but present it is retired of control."

Prof Leitch besides admitted that uptake was not precocious successful the 18-29 property radical and, arsenic a result, the nationalist vaccination figures were not expanding arsenic rapidly arsenic previously.

On Tuesday, conscionable 6,875 archetypal doses were fixed compared to 10,688 the Tuesday before.In total, 72.3% of the full Scottish colonisation has had their archetypal dose, and 53.4% person had some doses.

Prof Leitch said: "I would hold things person slowed down a bit. It is unavoidable. You tin lone bash 2nd doses if you person done archetypal doses. That's fixed and going good and radical are coming for those.

"The tricky portion which is harder to power is 18 to 29-year-olds getting archetypal doses. We expected it to beryllium slower, that's wherefore we are making it arsenic unfastened arsenic we perchance can. The archetypal dose fig is slowing a spot and we expected it to astatine this age."

He added: "To get retired the extremity of the pandemic globally and successful Scotland, we request large colonisation immunity numbers. We person tried to bash tons of connection with young people, we person met with Young Scot, we person mobile unfastened entree clinics, fixed unfastened entree clinics crossed the country, 3rd assemblage organisations and further colleges doing outreach. I deliberation we person done well."

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