Covid in Scotland: Family's plea to allow dying father to see ex-pat daughter

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By Connor Gillies
BBC Scotland news

image copyrightSoutar family

image captionThe Soutar household person appealed for dada Iain to beryllium rapidly reunited with some of his daughters

The household of a crab diligent with days to unrecorded person pleaded that his his ex-pat girl beryllium allowed to alert location to Scotland instantly to accidental goodbye.

Iain Soutar, from Milngavie, is receiving palliative attraction aft being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

His Dubai-based girl Laura is quarantining successful Majorca aft the Scottish authorities refused to exempt her from self-isolating successful Scotland.

The household fearfulness her instrumentality could beryllium excessively precocious to springiness her dada "a last hug".

Laura is not owed to get successful Scotland until Tuesday adjacent week and says the hold has been unbearable.

Speaking from her Majorca edifice room, she said: "I conscionable privation to beryllium location with my dad, spending these past days, weeks, with him."

image captionLaura Soutar volition not beryllium allowed to alert backmost to Scotland until adjacent week

Iain's different girl Rebecca McCarron added: "We consciousness similar we are counting down until Laura comes home, but we are besides counting down the days my dad's got near with us.

"My dada wants my sister home. My dada is holding connected for my sister. He has said that himself, and told Laura helium volition beryllium present erstwhile she comes backmost and that's each we tin anticipation for astatine the moment."

The United Arab Emirates has been designated by the Scottish and UK governments arsenic a reddish database state for planetary travel.

It means anyone returning - careless of their vaccination presumption - indispensable self-isolate for 10 days successful a government-approved quarantine hotel.

Laura Soutar hoped the authorities would let her to velocity up the process by flying successful via the Balearic Islands, which are presently connected the greenish list.

From the aforesaid date, fully-vaccinated adults and under-18s successful Scotland volition nary longer person to self-isolate aft visiting amber-list countries.

image copyrightSoutar family

image captionLaura connected a household vacation with her begetter Iain and parent Merlyn

However, contempt repeated appeals for an exemption connected compassionate grounds, the household consciousness they person been fto down by the "cruel" planetary quarantine system.

Scotland's nationalist objective director, Prof Jason Leitch, said visits to spot relatives receiving end-of-life attraction were exempt from question restrictions - but lone if self-isolation protocols person been safely completed.

He said: "This is simply a dreadful communicative and my bosom goes retired to the family.

"I'm acrophobic the cardinal restrictions inactive use though. An idiosyncratic coming from an amber oregon a reddish state is simply a higher hazard of virus, That, I'm afraid, is simply a fact."

Laura's sister Rebecca has urged the authorities to bash much the assistance families successful the aforesaid situation.

'Horrendous time'

She said: "We're suffering successful having to woody with this each azygous day. There needs to beryllium immoderate leeway for families and radical successful this concern trying to get location to spot loved ones.

"We person been told my dada has conscionable days and it's adding other accent connected to an already horrendous time.

"We request this household time. We are specified a adjacent family, the 4 of us, and we conscionable request her back.

"A fewer days would marque truthful overmuch of a quality to us, to person those moments that we tin with each other."

image captionRebecca McCarron said determination should beryllium much compassion shown to families

Rebecca said the show of thousands of fans being allowed into the state for events similar the caller Euro 2020 shot championships was peculiarly galling.

She said "All these radical flying successful from each implicit the globe to beryllium broadside by broadside and ticker sporting events, erstwhile each we privation is my sister home.

"My dada wants his girl location truthful that we tin person a hug and accidental goodbye."

'High threshold'

The Scottish authorities said it sympathised with the Soutars, but that the isolation rules had to beryllium strict "to trim the hazard of importation of caller strains of the virus".

An authoritative missive to the household said: "In assessing exemptions, we are precise mindful that for galore radical going into managed quarantine volition beryllium challenging.

"We are besides mindful that these measures person been introduced to trim the hazard of importation of caller strains of the microorganism and that precocious levels of exemptions hazard undermining the effectiveness of these measures."

It adds: "Our presumption truthful is that we request to use a precocious threshold of what would represent compassionate circumstances fixed the notation to 'exceptional' successful the regulations.

"We person considered each the circumstances presented successful your daughter's lawsuit and we cannot hold to an exemption."

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