Covid in Scotland: Digital vaccine certificates to replace paper versions

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By Sarah Toom
BBC Scotland news

A integer strategy to regenerate insubstantial Covid vaccination certificates is being developed by the Scottish government.

A £600,000 declaration has been awarded to a Danish steadfast to make a vaccine passport akin to ones already successful usage elsewhere successful the UK and Europe.

The Covid vaccination presumption certificate amusement the dates and types of jabs fixed to an individual.

It is presently lone disposable successful insubstantial signifier aft security flaws were spotted with a mentation you could download.

The certificates are utilized by radical travelling overseas who necessitate a grounds of vaccination status.

But determination has been speculation a integer vaccine passport, which the authorities antecedently indicated would besides see a person's impervious of betterment oregon caller antagonistic test, whitethorn beryllium enactment to wider use.

That could see introduction to sporting oregon euphony events.

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said connected 20 July that a integer solution would beryllium coming into cognition "over the coming weeks".

It followed concerns that the insubstantial strategy was causing airdrome queues and much interactions with unit and passengers.

Now Labour MSP Paul O'Kane has written to Humza Yousaf calling for the wellness caput to "outline however the Scottish authorities intends to rectify what is simply a technological lag present successful Scotland" compared to different countries.

He said "Constituents person contacted maine stating that the Scottish insubstantial strategy has caused delays to their question plans which are for enactment oregon household reasons.

"As we determination backmost to a greater level oregon normality, the quality to entree impervious of vaccine volition beryllium progressively important.

"The Scottish authorities indispensable determination rapidly to make a akin strategy (to England) of integer impervious of vaccine present successful Scotland."

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image captionA Digital Covid Certificate is being rolled retired crossed EU subordinate nations

Danish IT steadfast Netcompany was appointed by NHS National Services Scotland to make the caller strategy astatine the extremity of June, with a declaration worthy up to £600,000.

Netcompany is besides down Denmark's Coronapass app and akin projects successful Norway and England.

Scope to beryllium acceptable out

A Scottish authorities spokeswoman said: "We proceed to enactment towards replacing the grounds of vaccination presumption with a integer certificate of Covid status.

"As the archetypal curate made wide recently, much details connected timescales and scope volition beryllium acceptable retired successful the coming weeks.

"The existent precedence is to see vaccination information to beryllium utilized for planetary question successful enactment with our existent stance connected certification arsenic a whole."

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