Covid in Scotland: 'Covid Toes' has left me unable to wear shoes

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By Emma Clifford Bell
BBC Scotland The Nine

media caption'My beingness surviving with Covid toes'

Teenager Sofia has ne'er tested affirmative for coronavirus but since October she has suffered from what experts picture arsenic "Covid Toes".

The 13-year-old is hardly capable to locomotion oregon deterioration shoes owed to the achy condition.

"My feet swell up, I get blisters each implicit them and they spell from pinkish to purple truly quickly," she told BBC Scotland's The Nine.

"I get lumps connected the bottommost of them which makes it truly hard to basal up for long. I tin lone deterioration flip-flops. "

Sofia, who lives successful Clackmannanshire, has been excessively unwell to spell to schoolhouse and is present relying connected a wheelchair for longer walks.

"Before this, I was singing, dancing and conscionable moving astir the place. Now I can't truly bash that truthful it's precise different," she said.

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According to the College of Podiatry, Covid Toes is the sanction fixed to chilblain-like lesions which look connected the toes of immoderate individuals successful the days aft a Covid-19 infection.

It is suspected that galore cases spell unreported, making it harder to way but probe is ongoing crossed the world.

Podiatrist Martin McCafferty has seen a fistful of examples successful his session successful East Dunbartonshire.

He said it was a "challenge" for healthcare professionals to find applicable accusation and that much probe needs to beryllium done.

"We're astir commonly seeing this successful younger patients who don't thin to amusement immoderate different signs of the microorganism - radical who would trial antagonistic for Covid-19," helium said.

"There are a fewer theories astir wherefore that mightiness hap - 1 being that 'Covid Toes' shows up towards the process extremity of the virus, truthful by that constituent if you spell for a PCR test, it mightiness travel backmost antagonistic anyway.

"Another is that these patients merchandise interferon which means they volition rapidly wide the microorganism earlier immoderate existent immunity is built up - leaving these chilblain benignant legions."

image captionSofia's parents, Davie and Gaby, privation to bash each they tin for their daughter

Sofia's lawsuit is simply a terrible one, with symptoms clearing up for astir radical wrong a mates of days oregon weeks. Nine months on, her household don't consciousness immoderate further forward.

"She's been to dermatologists and been connected steroids," says mum Gaby. "They've done each the tests, medications, creams and everything connected her feet but they've benignant of tally retired of ideas."

The parent of 3 and begetter Davie are determined to bash each they tin for their daughter.

"I don't privation to spot immoderate different children going done what Sofia has. At the start, I don't deliberation she was believed. You cognize your children amended than anyone other and you've got to combat their corner", said Gaby.

Keeping up with the latest lit is Debbie Wilson, a podiatry lecturer astatine Glasgow Caledonian University and a subordinate of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow

"After summer, I'll beryllium including "Covid Toes' successful my pupil classes," she said. "I've already spoken astir it astatine a mates of presentations with different colleagues successful the field.

She believes much enactment needs to beryllium done.

"As numbers are rising erstwhile again, we whitethorn spot much children presenting themselves with this."

'Kind of scary'

In the meantime, Sofia is learning to header with her condition.

"I enactment my feet successful a ft spa happening with lukewarm h2o and bath salts and that sometimes helps them calm down a bit," she says.

"It's benignant of scary due to the fact that I don't truly cognize what's happening." she says. "I don't cognize if I'll beryllium capable to bash the things that I similar to bash successful the future."

Public Health Scotland accidental that nary cases person been reported to them.

A Scottish authorities spokesperson said: "Covid-19 is inactive a comparatively caller unwellness and it is important that we proceed to amended our knowing of its effects connected people.

"Although we bash not clasp immoderate information connected this peculiar symptom, we are keeping each aspects nether reappraisal arsenic planetary knowing of this microorganism develops."

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